What is useful masks with cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese is one of the main sources of calcium. It is especially useful for teeth and bones. We all know these truths since childhood. But in his power to act not only from the inside, but also to take good care of the skin. For this purpose, dairy products began to be used more than 5 thousand years ago. Today we will talk about curd masks - an excellent tool for home use.

For any age

The main advantage of such tools - versatility. They will be equally effective for mature, aging skin, as well as for young, problematic and requiring improvement.

In addition, they are hypoallergenic, and therefore can be used even by owners of sensitive type. And even such mixtures without fear can be used on the area around the eyes, no harm, solid benefit.

If you still doubt whether it is worth changing the store product to the natural, we have prepared a whole list of useful properties of cottage cheese, which will convince you for sure:

  1. Food. If dry and “lifeless” are the very epithets with which you can characterize your skin, then be sure to try natural masks.If only because they give the necessary amount of nutrients (A, PP, C and vitamins of group B), returning healthy color and shine, and also help to remove toxins and cleanse the cells.
  2. Rejuvenation. It is achieved through enzymes and amino acids, which activate collagen synthesis and improve cell metabolism.
  3. Improve skin immunity. Galactose is responsible for this, which helps regulate the water-fat balance and increase the resistance of the dermis to negative external effects.
  4. Protection from photo aging. Trace elements such as copper, zinc, calcium perform an antioxidant function, reduce the appearance of inflammation, and increase protection against direct UV rays.

With systematic use, the result will definitely please.

Rules of application

But in order to get visible benefits from curds-based masks, you should follow some recommendations:

  1. Choose the right fat. For the dry type that requires special nutrition, you need a product with a high percentage of fat, and for the combined and fatty - with the smallest.
  2. Priority - home. It is no secret that in production, for the sake of cheapening, various chemical additives can be added to the curd.Because home from this point of view - the safest.
  3. Systematic. Once a week, and at least 6 weeks. It is after such a course you can see the result.
  4. The best time to use is at bedtime. The reason is simple - so the tool will have more time for action.
  5. Application to cleansed skin. Just washing with water is not enough. The best option is with the use of gel or foam, followed by wiping with a tonic.

By fulfilling these rules, you provide an invaluable service to your person, giving useful components to act in full force.

For every taste

For those who love cosmetic experiments, masks with fermented milk product is a real paradise. After all, there are a great many recipes based on it. And we will be happy to share some of them.


A great alternative to expensive anti-age cosmetics. Nutrition + moisturizing = a great tool for fading skin. For him, you just need to connect two components - ½ of avocado pulp and 25 g of cottage cheese. Apply on face and rinse with warm water after 20 minutes.


Masks with honey are the leaders in the nutrition of dry dermis.Mix 1.5 tablespoons honey, 2.5 tablespoons sour milk product, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 3.5 tablespoons warm milk.


Minus pigmentation, plus smoothing and getting rid of fine wrinkles. Want to check it out? You will need 15 grams of cottage cheese, as much lemon juice and 10 ml of olive oil.

Narrowing pores

Suitable for facial acne. Prepared from cottage cheese (1.5 tbsp) and juice of any citrus fruit (15 ml). It is necessary to apply a dense layer.


Reduce the manifestation of inflammation, returns a uniform color. Do this by mixing a fermented milk product with a small amount of chamomile broth. The proportions can be chosen "by eye", the main thing is that the mixture does not flow.

There are practically no contraindications for such home remedies. But still before use it is worth conducting an allergy test, putting a small amount of the mixture on your wrist. The use of such masks is not recommended only in the case of acute inflammatory processes on the face, accompanied by the appearance of pustules.

Useful and simple miracle masks with cottage cheese are an effective and affordable cosmetic. Be sure to pamper yourself with one of them, and evaluate the effect.

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