What is worth reading?

The modern world of literature is replete with innovations of different genres. Someone likes a detective story, someone has a literature on health, someone is interested in psychology and universal advice that it is worth reading, giving is simply impossible. In the frantic pace of life, not everyone has enough time to read idle literature, people are increasingly trying to grow spiritually with new knowledge.

Books for men

Men who are interested in the psychology of interpersonal relationships can advise the following:

  • Andrei Kurpatov "Five great secrets of man and woman." The book is written in a very simple and interesting language. Available describes the causes of conflicts that may arise between the sexes. Advice is given on how to behave in certain situations in order to remain yourself;
  • Yuri Andreev "Man and Woman". From the point of view of his vast experience, the psychotherapist looks at the different situations of his patients. In someone we can see ourselves. The doctor comments in detail on the mistakes made by patients in their lives, which eventually led to fatal consequences.Understanding the differences between men and women, much can be avoided.

For men who aspire to leadership and understand that this quality in themselves must be actively developed, it is useful to read:

  • M.E. Litvak "The principle of sperm". The book is written in a very lively language. A book for those who have forgotten how to pursue their own in this life. Not to follow someone’s path, but to find one’s own, and become independent, independent, that is, a leader.
  • John Maxwell "21 irrefutable laws of leadership." The author has created a system of laws, under which you can become a true leader everywhere.

Some simply like popular literature with elements of psychology and philosophy. So say the books that make you think about life. These authors include the following:

  • Paolo Coelho. Almost all the works are read in one breath. Very deep reflections that are written in simple, accessible language. For many, the books of this author bring a lot of new emotions and sensations.
  • Angel de Quatier.
  • Castaneda

Books for women

Next, we consider what should be read by women who do not like to stop at what has been accomplished and strive for self-improvement:

  • Clarissa Pinkola Estes "Woman running with wolves." Here the image of a woman is viewed from ancient times. Ph.D. very subtly analyzes the female archetype, described in fairy tales and myths.
  • Olga Valyaeva "Purpose of being a woman." A young psychologist who has made a number of definite discoveries in her life shares them with all women very easily to make them happy. A book for women who have forgotten their purpose and lost in this life.

Women who want to be perfect moms can learn the following:

  • The literature of Dr. E.O. Komarovsky. In all his books, an experienced pediatrician describes moms with ways to solve many difficulties that young parents may face.
  • Julia Borisovna Gippenreiter. “Communicate with the child. How? "," We continue to communicate with the child so. " A child psychologist is very interesting in explaining to parents how parents should behave at different stages of their growing up children.

In our article we reviewed only a few authors who can help you become better. If you constantly strive for self-improvement, then everything is in your hands!

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