What jackets will be fashionable in 2015? (13 pictures)

The jacket is a wonderful invention of mankind, which, after its stormy appearance on the stages of the world fashion podiums, never ceases to please with more and more new and modern styles and models.

Many years passed after the first jackets came into vogue, but since then they have not lost their popularity for a minute, still, because such outerwear has a whole list of positive qualities: comfortable, practical, beautiful and pleasant, often at a very reasonable price.

Glitter metal

The relevance of such clothing is also explained by the fact that it is a very democratic thing, for example, in a cool autumn you can pick up a light and extravagant jacket that will hide from demi-season cool drafts.

But in the cold winter the best choice is a warm down jacket that will save from low temperatures, chilling wind and snow, of course, a fur coat can cope with all this, but the down jacket can be easier and more practical! In the spring you want something bright and unusual, but even here jackets will come to the rescue, having pleased the most extraordinary models of even the most fastidious fashionistas.

Needless to say, in the wardrobe of each person there should be several such convenient and demanded gizmos, but how not to get lost among all the variety that we are offered in stores?

Color, zippers and buttons

After all, I want so much to please myself not only practical, but also a fashionable and beautiful jacket that will serve as a faithful service for more than one year! In order not to get into a mess, you need to be aware of the fashion trends of 2015, what pace and rhythm is set by trendy designers this season?

The main trends of world fashion 2015

If you look at photos from the fashion shows of 2014-2015, you can see one common and well-traced trend: again at the height of popularity, three-dimensional, with a bright accent on shoulders, jackets. Due to this effect, one may get the impression that the jacket is one size larger, or even two more, but this is the whole thing.

Topical skin

In general, active attention continues to be paid directly to the upper part of the products: the understated shoulder line, as well as voluminous and wide sleeves are still relevant.

In order to make them even more visible and stand out from the general image, designers actively use interesting additional details, for example, inserts from artificial or natural fur, as well as inserts from contrasting, in color or texture, fabric.

Topical jacket

The fur collar does not go out of fashion either, which not only creates a visual feeling of comfort and coziness, but also actually saves from cold and inclement weather. The combination of such decorative elements with short leather jackets, which, by the way, are not going to give up their high positions in the popularity rating, is especially important.

A lot of fur

It should be noted that the fur collar is exactly that detail that even the most youthful and sporty jacket can turn into an elegant and classic element of women's wardrobe. In addition to fur inserts, the emphasis on the upper part is carried out with the help of stitching in the forearm area. Such an unusual cut looks very creative and interesting, especially in youth models of leather jackets.


Another effect that visually enhances the shoulder line is the use of shoulder pads, which are created with the help of a sophisticated double cut sleeves. Also, special styles with a complex and non-standard collar shape, with enlarged lapels or a false cape, often asymmetric, stand out from the total mass.

Additional accents that visually increase the upper part of such clothes are sometimes expressed with the help of volumetric and massive hoods, which smoothly flow into decorative collars.But for those who do not like these fashion trends, there is plenty to choose from: it will be quite unexpected in the 2015 season that the doors will be decorated with an open neck.


Of course, the complete absence of a collar is very impractical for cool autumn or winter weather, but there is a place where various scarves, shawls and golfs with high throats can roam.

Basic fashion styles and materials 2015

In the first place in this season, no doubt, come out leather men's and women's jackets, especially in the spring-autumn period. Classic leather jackets are perfectly combined with almost all the elements, both female and male wardrobe, they perfectly complement any image, this is what makes them so popular and beloved among the overwhelming majority of the population.


Fans of something more interesting should pay attention to the damp and rocker-style modules that will suit not only the representatives of individual subcultures, but also mature business women.

Designers have thought up such styles to trifles: in a fashion of a product in the most various executions, beginning from the thin and gentle skin, finishing rough manufacture and deliberately volumetric elements of a decor.

Light windbreaker

As for the length of jackets, there are no certain restrictions or settings, fashion designers have not found a single agreement on this, so in the trend, both shortened and elongated styles of jackets.

This is logical, because in the cool autumn evenings you can get by with a short cut, but winter jackets are better to buy in an extended version, because it is so much easier to escape from the cold air and weather changes.


For example, if you decide to focus your attention on a winter down jacket, then you make the right choice, because the elongated models of such jackets are one of the most popular trends of the 2015 season. Particular attention should be paid to models of straight cut with horizontal printed elements, they look so stylish and elegant that will fit easily even in a business wardrobe.

A lot of skin

Another highlight of this season is the elongated models of the finest Laika, decorated with delicate perforations along the top layer, and also complemented by a contrasting bottom base. The quilted jackets and bompers, which, in fact, became an independent continuation of the inflated ones, did not stand aside.


Classically, the element for the stitch was a diamond, but today you can find a very elegant quilted with squares, as well as with other, different in shape and size, elements.I would like to pay special attention to sports cut, jackets that resemble the uniform of American basketball players, today are extremely fashionable and stylish attribute of any fashionable woman.

As for the color range, classic and traditional colors are still in fashion: black, blue, brown, burgundy and white.


Fans of bright colors are lucky this season, traditional colors are, of course, good, but bright and rich colors, piercing finishes and décor are the peak of popularity. In special favor - purple, green, green tones, as well as the color of ocher and pastel shades.

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