What kind of jewelry we want on March 8

When it comes to gifts on the red day of the calendar, we always vote with both hands for decorations - stylish and distinctive, unique in its kind and those that you want to store in your casket for years. On the eve of March 8 - whatever one may say, and the "official women's day" - we have compiled a wish list of decorations based on the most striking examples from the designer collections of this season.

Different earrings

Finally, you can not get upset by losing one earring from a pair, and even sincerely rejoice in this, because now this is a new fashion trend. Having tested in practice the idea with one earring that should have stood out against the background of other ornaments, designers have now come up with kits from completely different pairs. Repeating “at home” this trick is easy: just take two different earrings with repetitive elements, and the new set is ready.

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