What makes the dog's stomach growl?

The dog is a friend of man. And if suddenly your pet has deteriorated health or well-being, then you will probably be worried about this. And sometimes even the most seemingly harmless symptoms can cause concern and anxiety. And what can rumble in the stomach?

How does this symptom manifest?

Rumbling in the abdomen, especially loud and prolonged, can not be overlooked simply impossible. With this symptom, there are gurgling sounds coming from the pet's abdomen. They resemble the boiling or pouring of fluids and are well audible to others.

Other warning signs may be absent, that is, the dog will feel quite normal, be active, eat and behave as usual. But sometimes there are other associated symptoms: flatulence, abdominal pain (the animal may react to whining, trying to hide in the corner and hide), drowsiness, decreased activity, diarrhea or vomiting, loss of appetite or a complete refusal to eat, and increased body temperature.

What can arise?

Why does the dog rummage in the stomach? The causes of this symptom can be very diverse, and as frivolous, and very dangerous. Here are some of them:

  • Incorrect food. If some dogs easily digest any food, others have a rather weak gastrointestinal tract and sharply react to even the slightest error. Digestive disorders can cause products that are not intended for the nutrition of pets, for example, sweets, fatty, fried, spicy, smoked, convenience foods, fast food and so on. Also rumbling can be triggered by food that causes increased gas formation, for example, cabbage, cucumbers. In addition, light indigestion may occur when new foods are introduced into the diet or when switching from feed to natural (or vice versa).
  • If a pet eats with greed and very quickly, then it can swallow air, which also leads to increased gas formation and rumbling in the stomach.
  • Poisoning. If rumbling is accompanied by other digestive disorders, such as flatulence, diarrhea, and vomiting, then your pet is probably poisoned.And this, by the way, happens quite often, especially with dogs that have a habit of eating from the floor or picking up food on the street.
  • Intestinal infections. Unfortunately, dogs are often exposed to them, especially small and complex breeds, which are initially considered weak and painful. But such diseases often occur acutely, so rumbling will probably be accompanied by a sharp deterioration of health, fever, refusal to eat, diarrhea, vomiting and other similar symptoms.
  • Food allergies. If your pet is allergic, then the manifestations of reactions to allergens entering the body can be expressed precisely in various digestive disorders. Allergies are often caused by foods such as eggs, milk, fish, chicken, and so on.
  • Diseases or pathogens of the gastrointestinal tract. They can be either congenital or acquired, for example, due to past infections. Unfortunately, such diseases often turn into a chronic form, and in this case, the owners should be particularly responsible and attentive to the preparation of the diet of the animal. By the way, the most common problem is dysbacteriosis, which is a violation of the intestinal microflora.

How to fix the problem?

What to do when such a symptom occurs? If rumbling occurs infrequently and is not accompanied by alarming symptoms, then most likely it is a matter of malnutrition. And in this case, you should review and change the diet. Exclude from it harmful products, and also raising gas formation.

And try to accustom your pet to the regime, that is, feed him at the same time and maintain the same intervals between meals to normalize the digestive process.

If the rumbling manifests itself strongly, repeats frequently or becomes almost constant, and is also accompanied by other signs, then the dog will certainly need to be shown to the veterinarian so that he can find out the cause of such disorders and prescribe the correct treatment. It will depend on the specific cause of the rumbling. So, with dysbacteriosis, probiotics or prebiotics are usually prescribed.

Infections in most cases are treated with antibiotics or antiviral drugs. In case of allergies, all potentially allergenic foods should be excluded from the dog’s menu. In case of poisoning, it is recommended to give a sorbent, for example, activated carbon.And you can eliminate flatulence using carminatives, such as "Espumizan."

In most cases, a gentle diet is required. From the diet you need to exclude all harmful products: sweets, fried, fatty, fast food, pickled, salted, smoked, semi-finished products and so on. Allowed to give boiled lean fish and meat, low-fat dairy products, some boiled or stewed vegetables, as well as eggs. If the dog eats food, you should choose a special one recommended for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Important: any drugs, as well as their dosage and methods of administration, can be prescribed only by a veterinarian after examining the animal and thoroughly examining it.


To avoid such problems as rumbling in the stomach of a dog, it is necessary to observe preventive measures:

  1. Composing the diet of your pet, you should consider its breed. There are special recommendations to avoid many problems.
  2. If the pet has a habit of picking up everything from the floor and from the ground and eating, then try to wean him off from it. If nothing happens (for example, changing the nature and behavior in adulthood is very difficult), then always watch the dog during walks and do not allow debris on the floor of the house.
  3. Teach your pet to the regime: try to feed him at the same time, maintaining certain intervals. In addition, the amount of servings should be controlled so that the animal does not overeat. And do not let him snack! Warn all households and guests that they do not give the dog anything, even if it is very requested and looks hungry.
  4. In time, do all necessary vaccinations to your pet, this will protect it from many dangerous infectious diseases.

Take care of your pet, pay special attention to its nutrition. And then the rumbling and other unpleasant symptoms will not disturb the dog.

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