What are the properties of amber?

In the 1st century AD er Amber stone was considered precious. He was even mentioned in the book The Natural History of Gems. Later, the then famous doctor discovered the vegetable origin of amber.

In fact, it is a petrified resin of coniferous trees, which are now rarely found. Insects and plants stuck to the thick mass. They hardened with resin and have survived to the present. Scientists have found many such fossils, which studied the living organisms that lived in this area many years ago.

Amber is a semi-transparent ornamental stone. The range of colors varies from pale honey to brownish black. The best specimens are considered golden shades. According to scientists, the word "amber" came from the Lithuanian word "gintars", which is translated "curative".

What are the properties of amber?

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Use of amber

The use of amber has been noticed since antiquity.In the Neolithic age, it was treated with the usual means for that time: cut with a flint knife, polished with animal hair, made holes with a stiletto from the bones.

The composition of amber contains the following substances:

  • Iodine protects the human body from harmful environmental factors.
  • Iron is involved in the circulatory system and improves immune strength.
  • Magnesium builds the human muscle tissue, improves cardiovascular work, strengthens nerve cells.
  • Calcium builds the bone skeleton of the human body.
  • Zinc heals wounds and cracks, accelerates protective work.
  • Amber acid regulates metabolic processes, the production of insulin, it helps in the treatment of endocrine diseases.

Amber is not a curative remedy for infirmities, it is the most ancient stone. It contains a number of useful properties that positively affect human health.

What properties does amber have?

What properties has amber, many want to know who at least once held this beautiful stone in their hands. It is an ornamental stone from which figurines are made, office decorative accessories: ashtrays, vases, bowls, etc.But besides this, amber heals, invigorates the body and spirit, gives creative strength, increases faith and optimism.

Medicinal properties of amber

  • A special miraculous property is famous for succinic acid, which is found in large quantities in stone. She, getting into the body, is moving in search of a problem area in which inflammation occurs. Succinic acid passes by healthy organs, while patients visit and cure them.
  • Slow metabolism is a common complaint of people. Succinic acid accelerates it, improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract. It has a bactericidal property.
  • Amber normalizes pressure, restores the human biofield. Thanks to this, depressions go away, manifestations of stress are reduced, internal balance is established, peace of mind and harmony come.
  • Amber is an assistant to cancer patients. It reduces the number of cancer cells, removes radioactive elements from the body.
What are the properties of amber?

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The magical properties of amber

  • Tens of thousands of years ago, amber was revered as a magical talisman. He was famous for the ability to drive away evil spirits.Therefore, mothers put a pebble in their pockets for the children to protect them from evil.
  • Usually amber is worn as decoration. They frame it with copper or copper alloys, silver is used extremely rarely.
  • The lion is the only sign of the zodiac to which amber helps with particular strength. Taurus, on the contrary, you should not wear it, vital signs will fall, the energy will quickly evaporate. The stone gains real magic power if there is an insect in it.

Who is shown to wear amber

Pharmacies sell a lot of drugs based on succinic acid, but you can be treated not only from the inside, but also from the outside, wearing stone products.

Who should wear amber:

  • People with diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • People with a low level of vital energy, which is necessary for household tasks, work and leisure activities.
  • People who suffer from diseases of the blood and circulatory system.
  • People with diseases of the endocrine nature.

Do not underestimate the healing powers of amber. For many centuries, a stone proves that it is with some diseases and tones up even the most sluggish person.

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