What are the properties of mocrica?

Did you know that some weeds are useful and have amazing properties? For example, wood lice can be used in cooking and in traditional medicine.

Plant description

It is a weed annual plant belonging to the family of cloves. Its other names are heart grass, medium starfish, scum, chicken grass. Stems thin and curly, usually creeping on the ground. The leaves are small, have a rounded oblong shape and almost always remain wet, which gave the main common name to the grass. The flowers are small, painted white, star-shaped and a few elongated small petals.

Mokritsa - very hardy and unpretentious weed, which is found in many different regions, especially with a temperate climate. It can be found in orchards and gardens, on the fringes and glades of forests, near small ponds, near roadsides and in other very different areas. To exterminate this plant is extremely difficult, as it reproduces very quickly, and the seeds retain their germination for two decades.

Amazing properties

The plant's benefit is due to its rich composition, which includes tannins, numerous organic acids, saponins, essential oils, wax, lipids, magnesium, iron, copper, chlorine, potassium, vitamins K, E, C. Consider the therapeutic properties of the grass moss:

  • A long time ago, the wood louse was used by our ancestors for wounds, burns, abrasions and other injuries as a wound healing and disinfectant.
  • The plant has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties, due to which it can be used for diseases of the inflammatory nature of the urogenital system, respiratory system, throat, oral cavity, gums.
  • Mokritsa can be used to prevent anemia and to improve the composition of the blood.
  • The herb has hemostatic properties, therefore listing the indications for use, it is worth noting hemorrhoids, as well as bleeding of a different nature.
  • Mokritsa has a tonic and tonic effect, helps strengthen the body's natural defenses, improve immunity and recover faster after intense exertion or severe diseases.
  • The starlet has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, as it strengthens the heart muscle and increases the tone of the vessels, preventing their stretching and damage. Also, the herb reduces blood pressure.
  • Mokritsa has analgesic properties, so it can be used for dental, headaches, menstrual and other types of pain. You can also alleviate the condition of arthritis, gout, myositis, sprains and various injuries of the joints.
  • The plant is useful for the body, as it improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes peristalsis of the intestinal walls, eliminates bloating and flatulence and has a choleretic effect.
  • This herb can be used for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system as an expectorant.
  • During lactation, woodlice stimulates milk production and contributes to its more frequent tides.
  • It is worth noting the mild sedative effect, relieves stress and improves sleep.
  • It is allowed to use zvezdchatka at liver diseases, including cirrhosis and hepatitis.
  • The plant can be used in the treatment of dermatological diseases, for cosmetic purposes.

In what cases you can not use the plant?

Mokritsa has contraindications, and these include individual hypersensitivity and hypotension. It is necessary to exercise caution and consult a doctor during pregnancy. Also, the plant can cause allergic reactions, so start treatment with minimal doses and monitor your condition.

How to use?

Mokritsa was widely used, and for different purposes. So, it is used in cooking for adding to salads instead of greens, for cooking soup and soups, for baking toppings. Also, the plant is an excellent nutritious food for birds. Therefore, having seen it in your garden or vegetable garden, do not rush to get rid of the weed: tear it off, shake off the remnants of the earth, dry it and use it within a year.

Let's consider some ways of application of woodlice in folk medicine:

  1. In diseases of the bronchi, lungs, stomach and cardiovascular system, a healing infusion can be used. To obtain two tablespoons of raw materials (fresh or dry), pour one cup of boiling water with one glass. Place the container in a water bath and pound on it for at least fifteen minutes.One hour insist means, then strain and take a third of a glass after a meal. This infusion can be used for rinsing and douching, in the form of lotions and compresses.
  2. Tea will be a good tonic and sedative. A spoonful of herbs pour 200 ml of boiling water. Give the drink a brew, filter it and drink half a glass instead of regular tea.
  3. When pain is better to use tincture. To make it quite simple: three large spoons of fresh raw stuff pour a half cup of vodka or water diluted with alcohol. Capacity well close and for two weeks put in a dark and cool place. You can shake the bottle from time to time. After the specified period, strain your tincture and take 25 or 30 drops three times a day.
  4. For rinsing the mouth, rubbing and lotions of the skin is best to use a concentrated decoction. Four full tablespoons of woodlice pour a glass of water. Boil this mixture for five to ten minutes, leave to stand under a lid for two hours, then strain. Wet the broiled gauze in the broth and apply to the head and temples or to the aching joints.For dermatological diseases, you can wipe the skin or take baths with the addition of funds.
  5. The juice is very useful, which is easy to get: chop fresh (preferably just picked) grass in any way, then squeeze the juice out of it. It can be used externally for rubbing or lotions for purulent and non-healing wounds. But also the juice is quite suitable for ingestion for vitamin deficiency, fatigue, chronic fatigue, varicose veins.

Important: before applying the lice, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Do not rush to remove woodlouse from the garden or garden, and use it for prophylactic, therapeutic or other purposes.

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