What rings are better for choosing for wedding

So, you decided to get married, congratulations! Let's try to give you some tips on which rings to choose.

What rings are needed for a wedding in the church

First of all, even if you have been married for many years and want to use your wedding rings, then most likely in the church, during the preparatory conversation for the ceremony, you will be advised to buy new ones. You can refuse and come all the same with your own, but, of course, you need to take into account that the Orthodox Church does not encourage pretentiousness: simple smooth gold rings are better suited as wedding rings. Something more spectacular can be worn outside the church. There should be no stones and designer frills if you don’t want to be crowned because you don’t want to consecrate your rings. No flowers, patterns of multi-colored stones, wavy lines, inscriptions in foreign languages, too, should not be. Not the case!

in the church you can tell what should be the rings for the wedding

Orthodox traditions

You can also choose special occasional rings that are sold in shops in almost any church.Just keep in mind that, according to the Orthodox tradition, the groom should have a gold ring, and the bride should have a silver ring. After all, the husband is the Sun, and the wife is the Moon.

Most likely, in the church they will be both smooth and with various Orthodox patterns, with the cross either inside or outside. It is believed that if the rings are smooth, then the life of the young will be smooth without quarrels, anxieties, betrayals and chagrin. To wear these jewelry or not in everyday life - you decide. Often, of course, such rings are stored as memory, but they play a rather large role in the rite.

And do not be surprised that wedding rings put the bride and groom on the left hand on the ring finger. Pre-decoration blessed.

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