What should a woman do if her boss bothers her?

Each of us wants to be financially independent. We get a decent education, we try to learn as much as possible in our specialty, and finally we get the job of our dreams. It seems that here it is - happiness: high salary, work in a good office, and colleagues do not strain. Do not strain all but one - the chief!

“The chief is sticking to me, what should I do?” - this question can be found in many women's forums. This topic is quite delicate and you need to get serious about solving the problem.

A boss is a person who can give you all kinds of emotions: hate, respect, sympathy, irritation. It all depends on the specific instance. But, despite your personal attitude towards the boss, you should always follow the rule: the boss is always right. This is a rather sad truth. But from it anywhere you will not get to.

The relationship between a man and a woman has always been not simple. A relationship in which one person is completely dependent on another, initially doomed to the emergence of conflict.

Your boss may at any time start pestering you, especially if you are young and pretty. This is unpleasant, especially if you do not have a bit of sympathy for him. Worst of all, if he initially took you to work, because you have an elastic butt and a big chest, without even looking in the resume. In this case, he will do everything to achieve the ultimate goal (to drag you into bed).

Having noticed the supervisor’s undue attention to his person, it will seem to you that all this is your fantasy. But, smoke without fire does not happen. To determine whether your boss is bothering you or not, answer these questions:

- he lets in your direction vulgar jokes?

- coming up behind you and trying to touch (for example, you are sitting at the computer, hand on the mouse, he comes up from behind and puts his hand on yours)?

- frankly looks at you (sizzling glance at all your bulges)?

- offers to stay after work (under the pretext of blockage)?

- spreads her arms?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, “congratulations” - your boss wants more from you than the performance of official duties. How to respond to this situation? We suggest that you read some of the recommendations.


Frankly talk to the man.In this case, do not go on insults, speak strictly, confident tone. Say that you do not allow intimate relationships at work. Do not smile and do not mumble, otherwise he will perceive it as a flirtation on your part.

Do not let the boss think that you are an accessible woman. He should not see how nicely you flirt with other employees.

Do not wear too frank outfits. Coming to work in a frank blouse, do not be surprised why the manager wants you. Give preference to stylish, but not frank outfits.

Do not be afraid to discuss your problem with a colleague friend. It’s nice to talk to someone who has worked with this man for years. Most likely, you are not the first victim, find out how the previous women acted. Gossip in the women's team spread with lightning speed, it is unlikely that the chief will want to gossip about him. When he knows that half the team is aware that he is bothering you, his courage will calm down.

The most cardinal way to get rid of harassment is to change jobs. If you have tried all the methods listed above, but he still continues to harass, you should not bring yourself to a nervous breakdown.Just go, your health is more expensive!

If your leader is bothering you, he’s also cute and you don’t have a young man, think maybe he’s your destiny. If you are comfortable with him, then you should not push people away. Just listen to yourself and act rationally!

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