What to buy and not to buy on sales?

During sales, we are captured by the classic “I want everything” under the justification of the traditional “nothing to wear”. Meanwhile, seasonal trends are not too surprised by their originality: everywhere the same prints, styles and colors. Over the past few years, an amazing thing has happened to the world of fashion: the strict division into trends has been replaced by a comprehensive variety for every taste and color. If earlier in fashion it was clearly one and not in fashion another, now borders have become blurred and even within one show a whole rainbow of styles and trends is found. How to navigate in all this diversity?

We “in the old manner” use our instincts and, on the basis of “tired / not tired”, we divide things into actual and not so much. It turns out a great reminder for those who are soon going to attack sales.

What to stop?


On practical styles of trousers

The key criterion for selection is your own style and lifestyle.Some people madly like tight pants-pipes for the fact that they are elegantly combined with high heels and are suitable for the office, and someone will not exchange anything for wide black culottes. We resolutely leave all the models and do not forget to experiment: to change the variants of the top and try different decorations with them.

What to buy and not to buy on sales?

On summer coat versions

Yeah, this summer is summer like this, that most of us even doubted whether it is worth putting the down jacket away in the closet. Now, by example, we discovered why there are so many light coats of all stripes in English online stores (from trench coats to “dressing gowns”) - because the weather requires. However, and as soon as it gets warmer, you should not get rid of such a coat-coat, but you should put it on a naked (conditionally: underwear and jewelry can be present) body, as if this dress.

What to buy and not to buy on sales?

On dress shirt

This thing has become a real fashion hit, having multiplied in the mass market for thousands and thousands of variations. If you talk briefly, then this dress can be worn as in the classic version (read, just like a dress), and more creative - over pants, jeans, short shorts, including half unbuttoned.A nice addition to this dress will be a scattering of thin gold chains in the neckline - from yellow gold or metals of different shades.

What to buy and not to buy on sales?

On muly slippers

And again the “popular” thing, which we hope many will manage to evaluate this summer, is how versatile and impartial summer shoes that they simply had to invent. Plus weight: no hemorrhoids with clasps / laces, can be worn without a pedicure, and models - from velvet to leather - weight for every taste.

What to buy and not to buy on sales?

On the sporty style

Surprisingly, this season he had a certain “gopnichesky” accent, but in general, the sports theme is not annoying. So if this is not a ragged sweatshirt with school posters, but something utilitarian and interesting, but also comfortable, then we definitely have nothing against it. As an option, sports things can be diluted with feminine jewelry: wear caps with evening earrings, and short tops - with chokers.

What to buy and not to buy on sales?

What to refuse?


From viscose dresses

Such dresses are not only monstrously impractical in the heat, they always wrinkle and after one sock they look like they haven’t been washed for months, but they have another significant minus for summer: they are completely uncomfortable to practice the exits without a bra, because the fabric is treacherously shining through.

What to buy and not to buy on sales?

From the abundance of floral prints

It’s not even that it’s not original, but that it’s somehow insanely many: they are now not only in the form of drawings on clothes, but also as alyapistaya embroidery on shirts, dresses, bags and shoes. This summer could be a respite from them.

What to buy and not to buy on sales?

Off pajama shorts

We leave the denim shorts, because they will definitely hold out for more than one summer, light and wide (and pajama-like) pants on the drawstring or elastic band - also. But shorts made of thin fabric like "night" - it is still the clothes for the beach-beach, and not for the city.

What to buy and not to buy on sales?

From lace everywhere

Openwork translucent dresses so much on the catwalks and in the collections of haute couture, but when it comes to the sales department of Zara, the lace immediately loses its gloss and acquires an ignoble synthetic shine instead. Let's wait better with lace until autumn and see what the new season on the openwork topic is preparing for us.


What to buy and not to buy on sales?

From the abundance of frills

Gentle, sensual, festive, but boring. Why not test geometry and some more cunning and less banal cut instead? Even on the same tops and dresses with open shoulders, which are pretty much fed up with.

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