What to buy in the spring, not to be like everyone else

Volumetric arms

Why do we love the eighties? Firstly, for short dresses with Lurex, and secondly, for “shoulders”, which we still feel shy to wear, but with great pleasure we look at others. To declare your love for a wonderful fashionable decade is possible with the help of a voluminous jacket. It will replace the tired jacket-jacket or windbreaker, and it will just fit perfectly into your outerwear collection.

Mango Blazer

Blazer Mango (6 999 rub.)

White Trench

The fact that the trench - the main purchase of spring, does not know unless the most lazy dandy. And how can you argue: this top is cleverly combined with sneakers, pumps, torn jeans, midi skirts or "pencils" - an enviable wagon! But if the classic sandy tone seems boring or prim, then look at the white (yes, suddenly!) Models. It's risky, especially if you use public transport, but it's nice and elegant. We ourselves, with all the love for beige trench coats, a bit tired of their abundance and offer this "wedding" option, which immediately should say the cherished "yes."

Jovonna trench coat

Trench Jovonna (11 874 rub.)

Zebra print

Usually we sing the praises of the leopard print, but in the coming months, we change the reference points. “Zebra” is entering the arena - the star of your shelf with things for a special occasion. Reason to wear it, in fact, can be any - an informal working dress code, not the first date, dinner, flowing into the party. Let's open some secrets: “zebra” is the official mast-kev of the next autumn season, and she is also good friends with “leopard”, so do not hesitate to mix them with each other.

Skirt Topshop

Topshop Skirt (£ 29)

Red pants

Which of us do not have a red dress, top, shoes or accessories? Frankly, something from this list is exactly related to your wardrobe. But the red trousers are really bold and dashing. Who will go? For example, those who often go to social events and who have no more strength to wear small black dresses or chiffon skirts. What is the power of red pants? With beige blouses in them it is easy to go to work, and with bright and colorful (pink or purple) - at a party or event. And with a cashmere turtleneck - in general, anywhere during the day.

Uterque trousers

Trousers Uterque (8 590 rub.)

Check shoes

These fashionistas are not surprised and no "victims" will not scare, whether it is infinitely high heels or fur sneakers on a bare leg. But just in case, check whether you have checkered shoes in your arsenal? The trick is that it can breathe life into the most mediocre outfit and you can not go with excessive romanticism (like, for example, shoes with a floral print). In addition, the cage on the legs only seems to be difficult - practice will show that it goes to almost everything. To denim, suits, things with other prints. Well, convincingly?

Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Jeffrey Campbell shoes ($ 130)

Sweater with frills

Do not forget how everyone went crazy with shirts, decorated with frills and ruffles? In fact, this trend is still alive, just from a cult turned into quite a usual story. That is, you can still wear, and specifically buy is not necessary. Whether it's a sweater with flounces. He doesn’t take so much on himself, as defiantly starched shirts, looks more conservative and softer, more versatile in terms of weather and dress code. That is, from him there is no feeling that you somehow dressed up intricately, but at the same time you don’t look bored.

Tommy Hilfiger sweater

Tommy Hilfiger sweater (9 118 rub.)


"Return!" Heading: the legendary large chandelier earrings are back in fashion. Remember how popular they were exactly as long as their place was not taken by minimalist "intelligent" jewelry? Lovers of catchy, indiscreet accessories rub their hands and already apply to the ears all this delicate beauty. Needless to say, as their girls with puffy cheeks love - earrings clearly distract attention from them and visually make the face “slimmer”.

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