What to collect Rikimaru?

Julia Chmykhalo
Julia Chmykhalo
February 18, 2013
What to collect Rikimaru?

Nowadays, DotA Allstars is one of the most popular computer games. Beginners very often have questions about how to properly manage a particular character so that there are no punctures. Now we will talk about Rikimaru - the funniest hero with the ability for a miraculous permanent inviza, you will no longer find such in the Dot game.

Newbie favorite

Rikimaru is one of the most beloved heroes of both newbies and professionals, and this is not surprising. Thanks to the ability to disappear, Ricky gets a unique opportunity, not only to survive in difficult situations, but also to suddenly attack, as well as follow the actions of other heroes. Despite this, he is considered a difficult hero, not everyone knows what to collect rikimaru. The newcomer who controls Ricky is immediately struck by the eye; he expects more from this hero, but he doesn’t get a drop from his capabilities.

Hyde on Rikimaru

Rikimaru is the heir to the Satyr Dominion, coached by the strongest warriors of his race.But, the power of the burning legion sent damage to his people, turning it into brainless creatures wandering through the forest. Wanting revenge, Rikimaru honed his combat skills. Using his small size, he moves unnoticed in order to sharply hit the enemy in the back. He can also use thick fog, becoming almost invulnerable.

What to collect for Rikimaru

Going to the line, you should buy Derevyashki and Bazil. On the line you need to play very carefully, finish off other people's creeps, do not climb on the heroes in ranged combat, and also try to keep your health reserves full. On the line, the first thing you need to buy is Ring of Regeneration, this artifact will help you regain health. Well, now we are starting to collect 2 pieces of Wraith Band. This will add to your bonus to agility, and therefore increase your damage. Now you are strong and can safely attack the enemy characters. Next, start collecting Diffusal - enemies will fall one by one. With skillful use of this artifact, one of its charge will be equal to one killing your opponent. We continue to develop your attacking potential - collect Butterfly - an artifact that is incredibly cool for Rikimaru.This is a great bonus to attack speed, damage and agility, as well as an extra dodge. The next artifact will be Ribs, which will give you an extra attack speed, a tangible bonus to armor, which will significantly increase survivability. Well, the last artifact will be Heart of Tarrasque. Now you can do unreal damage, beat faster than Bruce Lee and, in spite of this, have a powerful belly and decent muscles.

Now you know what to collect Rikimaru. Try it now and make sure that even a professional player will envy your dexterity.

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