What if sex is no longer your joy?

Is it possible to have a harmonious relationship with a partner without sex?

Yes and no. Lack of sex is one of the most popular reasons for a divorce in the modern world, so it would be dishonest to underestimate this kind of interaction between partners. At the same time, many couples who have been in a relationship for a long time, come to the conclusion that the intimate relationship that sex gives can be obtained through other interactions - kisses, hugs, caresses, jokes, shared hobbies and much more. Simply put, if you both come to the conclusion that sex is not important, then the relationship can be saved and be happy with your own recipe.

What if sex is no longer your joy?

Why do women lose interest in sex?

The reasons for this are a huge number - it can be a hormonal breakdown, and stress, and banal discontent with sex in the form in which your partner presents it to you.

  • Reason number 1. Your partner does not attract you sexually.

It sounds absurd, but this situation can be a sad outcome of the classic drama in the style of “I am already thirty with something, and I decided that anyone who will love me will suit me.”You can have fun watching a movie with this person, plan a future joint vacation and go to your parents for a weekend, but soul mates and sex don't always go in the same package in a relationship.

  • Reason number 2. Sex with him too predictable

You have the impression that you have been rehearsing the same play in bed for a long time, which always begins and ends with the same thing: postures, movements, caress, and everyone seems to be comfortable with such stability. As soon as you stop to wonder and be surprised in bed, sex becomes a routine and begins to bore.

  • Reason number 3. One of you is not trying hard

You still buy sexy lingerie, put on a beautiful open dress for dinner and do not be lazy to give him a massage, right? So what does your partner do before sex? Does he try to excite you, if he devotes time to preliminary caresses or, like in the army, undresses in two minutes after a shower and is ready to start the main part of the “training”? Many men take sex for granted and frankly lazy to try to deliver more pleasure to their partner.

  • Reason number 4.Have you experienced past psychological trauma related to relationships?

This may be an attempt to rape or harassment in adolescence, and the first unsuccessful novel in which you felt sexual discomfort, or experience of physical violence in previous relationships. There is little talk about this reason, but that is why it does not cease to exist, and the only sure way to help yourself in such a situation is to turn to a psychologist.

  • Reason number 5. You are experiencing hormonal failure

Hormonal failure in women can be caused by taking birth control pills, menopause, breastfeeding, high levels of stress and various gynecological diseases. The alarm should be additional symptoms that will accompany the loss of sexual appetite: headaches, poor sleep, weight gain, irregular cycle.

  • Reason # 6. You have discovered that your partner is changing

Doctors found out that this reason for the lack of sexual desire among women was very common. It is not so easy to cope with betrayal, whether it is physical or moral, but experiences affect your desire - a person does not attract, but, on the contrary, pushes you down to a feeling of disgust.

  • Reason number 7.You feel tired and exhausted

This is not about one hard day, but about a permanent feeling of exhaustion, which is usually accompanied by loss of appetite and a general deterioration of mood. In other words, you are so overwhelmed at work that you don’t want any cake, no yoga, no man around, but just sleep from Friday evening to Monday morning.

What if sex is no longer your joy?

How to solve a problem?

Usually, the majority of advisers come to the conclusion that the lack of sexual desire is a reason to immediately run to a sexologist or a family psychologist. Special programs for sex therapy and solving problems in marriage exist in such numbers, and even in the form of online courses that can be completed without leaving your computer, it’s difficult to choose who to trust. We suggest you start with more simple and free ways to try to regain sexual desire and re-start to get pleasure from sex.

  • First, watch, finally, films for adults

This answer lies on the surface, and however trite it may sound, adult films are an accessible and simple stimulant of sexual desire. If you don't like “this primitive genre,”then on the Internet you can find an alternative option - art-house, plot and similar to beautiful French cinema, like, for example, what makes Eric Last.

  • Secondly, talk to your partner

Admit that you like sex, and that, conversely, repels, what you would like to try and what to refuse. Men most often become initiators of sex, which “harms” women's pleasure, because it is put on the second and last plan.

  • Third, do not be lazy to exercise

Sports and exercise provoke the release of endorphin - the hormone of happiness - and return you harmony with your own body, which you finally spend time on.

  • Fourth, get rid of worries

Many women cease to be interested in sex because of the banal fatigue from daily household chores. If the children and cleaning are busy all the time, then you definitely need help - ask your parents to help you out on weekends and put everything aside, freeing one day of the week for your own pleasure.

  • Fifth, dream alone with yourself

Take time for your own desires and let them go outside.Focus on what excites or excites you, what used to cause you to have sexual desire, and try to tune in to these fantasies again or discuss their realization with your partner.

What if sex is no longer your joy?

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