What to do if the child is constantly swayed in transport?

If long trips for your child are a huge problem, and sometimes even a couple of stops on public transport is a whole test, then it’s time to take measures, especially since there is a solution here.

Every second parents face the problem of rocking babies, children are more susceptible to this condition than adults, and the fault is not the fully developed vestibular apparatus.

Despite the fact that such a problem is sometimes called a disease of motion, or, to put it in scientific terms, kinetosis, this is not a disease at all, but only an organism’s response to unusual actions occurring around.

Causes of motion sickness

Such a problem is based on the misalignment of the actions of the vestibular apparatus and the activity of the visual organs, sometimes the central nervous system adds fuel to the fire.

Unpleasant problem

The thing is that the vestibular apparatus, it is very important to develop and train,like any other in our body, because it is he who is responsible for the position of the body in space, as well as for the coordination of our movements.

All signals from the vestibular apparatus, such as vibration, movement, and others, are transmitted to the central brain, where they are compared to signals from the senses, resulting in a holistic picture of what is happening in the world around us.

During too fast movement, acceleration or inhibition, the brain receives too many conflicting signals, the pictures outside the window change at an insane speed, resulting in irritated still imperfect vestibular apparatus.

As a result, the body does not cope with the information received, reacting to this condition with special reactions: dizziness, nausea, headache, vomiting and others. As the child masters and learns to use more and more diverse movement skills in various situations, the problems should begin to diminish, because more and more correct “response programs” are accumulated in the memory.

Main symptoms and first aid

What to do if the child is pumped up in transport? How to help the baby and not spoil the whole trip? Since this is not a disease, it will not work to cure it, you can only deal with the unpleasant symptoms that occur as a result.

Especially strong kinetosis manifests itself during long trips, which is especially unpleasant if one has to travel in public transport, but more often sways children who have a hereditary predisposition to it.

Do not feed the baby before the trip

The main reason for the poor development of the vestibular apparatus in a child or even an adult is a sedentary or even sedentary lifestyle; such children can even be swayed in an elevator or on a swing.

Sometimes the symptoms of motion sickness are very similar to the symptoms of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In order not to confuse them, it is very important to pay attention to the main differences and, naturally, to draw conclusions after systematically arising problems.

When rocking, the face may redden or, on the contrary, painful pallor will appear, probably the appearance of dizziness and cold sweat.

Perhaps the appearance of discomfort in the abdomen and head, as the main symptoms of kinetosis include palpitations, increased salivation and even intolerance of odors. The worst effects are severe nausea and vomiting.

How to prepare for the trip?

If you know for sure that you have a long trip, then it will be best to prepare for it in advance. Make sure that the child sleeps well and does not feel tired.

The accumulated fatigue does not exactly play into your hands, because it weakens the protective and adaptive functions of the body, with the result that the vestibular apparatus begins to fail. If you go by bus, then try to get tickets to the seats in front of the cabin, where less shakes and shakes, facing the direction of movement. Be sure to eat with your child before the road, but not very tightly: hunger, exactly like overeating, becomes the basis for some symptoms of motion sickness.

Sleep helps

Food should be light and low-fat, it is best to eat 1-2 hours before the trip, it is undesirable that it was heavy meat dishes, broths or milk in its pure form.Also, avoid grapes, legumes and fresh salads that can cause fermentation in the body.

If you are traveling on an airplane or on a ship, then choose places closer to the center of the cabin, there is less vibration and pitching. When traveling by car, learn to carry a child in a child seat from the youngest years, preferably in the middle of the rear seats so that the kid can see what is happening ahead and not pay attention to the quickly changing pictures behind the side window.

If the child is ukachal?

If you notice that even all the precautions taken before the trip did not bring any special results, then you need to deal with the existing symptoms. Suggest your child to close his eyes, and at this time read tales to him or tell funny stories to divert his attention.

Those who have children suffering from motion sickness should always have a supply of mint candies with them; you can prepare in advance finely sliced ​​and sugar-sprinkled slices of lemon, orange or tangerine.

There is one good folk remedy: prepare a bottle of water with lemon juice at home or brew a warm tea with ginger, which you can drink throughout the trip.

Headaches and nausea can relieve acupressure of the lobes or scalp, it is important that your movements are soft, but at the same time strong enough. A cool compress on the head, mineral water without gas or the smell of essential oils (chamomile, peppermint, lavender) can help against unpleasant symptoms.

If the child is still ukachalo, then give him water to rinse your mouth, wipe your face and hands with wet wipes, then try to distract him with talk and favorite game. Always take with you a couple of clean cellophane bags, as well as a change of clothes in case your child doesn’t have time to complain to you before the onset of nausea.

As we have already said, as such, there is no treatment here, however, especially for those who are not able to cope with the problem with the help of folk methods, there are special preparations for children that are best purchased after consulting a doctor.

The best thing you can do for your baby is to train his vestibular apparatus. To do this, send it to active sports, travel by car more often, to start over short distances, gradually increasing them.

Older children can do squats, flip-flops, and spin on the gymnastics circle, jump on a trampoline at home. With regular training, children quickly adapt to the movement, as a result of which the symptoms of motion sickness simply disappear.

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