What to do if armpits sweat very much?

Excessive underarm sweating is a frequent occurrence. This is the norm, subject to summer heat. However, if intense perspiration accompanies you constantly or manifested itself some time ago, then you will have to understand the reasons for its occurrence.

That is what will allow you to optimally solve the problem. Waiting for self-passing is a favorite activity of almost every person. But in this case, waiting leads to a constant feeling of discomfort and lack of aesthetics of life situations, and does not solve the problem at all. So what to do if your armpits sweat a lot?

The medical side of the problem

The process of sweating is not a pathology. This is a natural physiology. Another thing, if the activity of the sweat glands in the armpits is so high that the sweat literally flows through the body. It makes sense to be examined by the endocrinologist for metabolic disorders. The condition of the thyroid gland deserves close attention.It is possible that a slight hormone adjustment will solve the problem.

It would be good to donate blood for sugar - excessive sweating can be a symptom of early diabetes. It is important to inquire about the state of their kidneys - it is likely that they simply cannot cope with the excretion of degradation products, overloading the skin excretory activity.

Mature ladies should visit the gynecologist - perhaps the body goes into a state of menopause. Then it makes sense, in agreement with the doctor, to take homeopathic remedies that facilitate the onset of menopause. And for young women it is important to correct the menstrual cycle - its instability also provokes cyclic axillary hyperhidrosis. The sudden appearance of excessive sweating often indicates the occurrence of pregnancy - this is normal.

Common causes

It should be understood that when consuming large amounts of fluid in the summer heat, excessive sweating is not avoided. Especially if you are in a stuffy room. Here, sweat is a protective mechanism that prevents the body from overheating.

But to limit yourself to drinking abundantly in such extreme conditions is impossible.The body sweats heavily and in the absence of adequate access to air: when a woman chooses tight-fitting outfits made of synthetic materials. Prefer in the heat of light spacious clothing mainly from natural fabrics. Flax, for example. The summer jersey will become the good assistant with excess sweating in heat.

It is important to completely reconsider the policy of own nutrition: everything fatty, bitter, sugary sweet, salty, fried, smoked, spicy and too sour should be eliminated from the diet. Alcohol also activates the activity of the sweat glands.

Such nutrition is the main factor provocateur hyperhidrosis of the armpits. The point is that in terms of chemical parameters, sweat secretions are similar to urine. And the stronger the food, the more “aromatic” the sweat. In the armpits, the area of ​​physiological folds, it also becomes an excellent nutrient medium for the mass of microbes, the colonies of which here make our amber almost deadly to those around them. Weight control is very important. Overweight ladies always sweat harder.

Effective methods

Methods of struggle: from beauty salons to grandmother's recipes. You can only fight with “situational” sweating in the heat with improvised means: antibacterial wet wipes, light deodorants. Avoid hard antiperspirants that clog the pores of the skin during this period. Otherwise, it is easy to earn inflammation of the glands and for a long time to treat the redness of the armpits.

To appeal to folk recipes - quite harmless and often extremely effective. For example, you can make gauze applications twice a week with a decoction of oak bark on clean, undamaged underarm skin. A tablespoon of crushed bark in a glass of pure water, the mixture is brought to a boil, but do not boil it. After the natural cooling of the broth, it is filtered through cheesecloth.

You can simply dampen the gauze in the broth, and you can wrap the steamed bark in it. The compress is applied to the skin of the problem area for 15 minutes, then the armpits are washed with running water without soap and wipe dry. Creams and deodorants are not applied within 12 hours after the procedure. The method is effective, but is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women. With care to use oak bark should be girls prone to allergies.In this case, you need to reduce the concentration of decoction.

An excellent effect will be provided by weekly visits to the sauna or, even better, the traditional Russian steam room. Bath procedures are necessarily accompanied by abundant drinking. Better than ordinary non-carbonated mineral water. And salt scrubs for the body, which are essentially a hypertonic substrate, literally stretch the stale slags from the deep layers of the skin. It gives a lasting effect. The skin breathes. For a week you can forget about excessive sweating of your armpits. She will return only when the skin again accumulates a toxic ballast.

If there are no medical contraindications, you can use hardware procedures for beauty salons. Most often, this is the effect of low-frequency currents on the problem area. Applications with aluminum salts are also popular.

It is quite affordable and effective. Do not forget about hygiene. Underarm skin care is required all the time. Depilation zone also helps to avoid excessive sweating. And the use of antibacterial solutions in the absence of the opportunity to visit the bathroom will help avoid inflammation and fungal infections.

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