What to do when the cat gives birth?

Replenishment of the cat family is a pleasant event. Tiny kids cause incredible tenderness of all family members who are trying in every way to take care of them. But if in this event you get to participate for the first time, it's not superfluous to know how to help the animal and make the process as easy as possible.

Furry offspring

Typically, cats - "simpletons" easily cope with childbirth without the help of the owners. But the pedigree sometimes needs support. Because having a purring house at home, you need to be ready for anything, even temporarily become a real midwife.

Feline pregnancy lasts 60-65 days and is counted from the time of mating. A few days before giving birth, you will easily notice changes in behavior, which will be signs of the beginning. A week before the lambing, the darling will start to look for a secluded place for himself, so you will often be able to notice her in boxes, baskets or in the closet among things.

The cat can also begin to ask for her hands more often, always try to be among people and be especially excited.

The first indicators that the birth will begin within the next 24 hours:

  • colostrum begins to emerge from the nipples;
  • pet refuses to eat;
  • You notice frequent trips to the tray, after which there may be mucous discharge.

Auxiliary means

Having noticed the first signs of beginning childbirth, you need to prepare the basic tools that may be needed in the process:

  • alcohol for disinfection;
  • small shears for cutting the umbilical cord;
  • silk thread for dressing;
  • napkin or cotton pads.

How does everything start?

Immediately before the lambing, you can see how the cat has water. During this period, do not need to disturb the pet. After that, wave-like movements in the stomach follow - these are contractions. Usually, before them, the animal begins to "cry out."

Help in this case, you can light stroking the stomach, which will ease the pain and give an opportunity to feel safe. Do not forget to place a bowl of water near the selected place so that the cat can drink.

If an animal mews plaintively and rubs against you, it means he needs your help. Stroke, calm him down and wait until the first baby is born.

Generic process

If you notice that your pet cannot cope on its own, it needs help. How to take birth at the cat?

  1. If the kitten is stuck in the birth canal, it is necessary to gently stroking the belly, slowly push it. To facilitate this process, you can lubricate the external birth canal with vaseline, and when the baby begins to be born, gently pull.
  2. Often kittens are born in the bladder. Usually, the cats themselves tear it with their teeth, but if the pet turned out to be helpless in this case, you should quickly open it, using pre-sterilized scissors.
  3. If the kitten is breathing, you can proceed to the next stage. Otherwise, you will need a sterile cloth, with which you need to wipe the muzzle and nose from mucus. After that, you can turn the baby upside down and shake a little so that he begins to breathe.
  4. After the kitten should get out the placenta. Be sure to pay attention to this. If the afterbirth remains in the birth canal, infection and suppuration cannot be avoided. Noticing that after half an hour he still remains inside, try to gently pull the umbilical cord.In nature, cats eat it, thus restoring lost strength, but at home it is useless, so you can safely throw it away.
  5. After the first kitten was born, the cat should have a snack on the umbilical cord. If you need to do this, stock up with sterile scissors and silk thread. Step back a few centimeters from the baby’s belly and tie the umbilical cord, cut off everything else.

The end of the umbilical cord is best disinfected with iodine or zelenka. Now you can give the newborn mom to wash it.

It is the turn of the following kittens. They are born, as a rule, with an interval of 20 minutes. Your actions will be repeated in the same order.

Births in cats last from 45 minutes to 5 hours, depending on the number of offspring. To understand that the process is over, gently feel the stomach, whether there are no seals in it. In addition, the pet will demonstrate its behavior, calmly umostvshis lick kids.

By the way, it is easiest to establish the sex of newborns in the first minutes after birth, later it will be very difficult to do this before a certain age.

When do you need specialist help?

Sometimes there are complications that simply need qualified veterinarian assistance. Call your doctor if:

  • the generic process began earlier than the due date (before 55 days);
  • more than 68 days have passed, but the pythomist never gave birth;
  • contractions have been going on for about an hour, and the kitten was never born;
  • the interval between the appearance of the next kitten is 3-4 hours;
  • during fights there were bad-smelling yellow or greenish discharge;
  • the cat is sluggish, and the mucous kittens are covered with bloom;
  • a day or two after birth, the animal has a fever and no appetite.

Postpartum period

At first, the new mom will be near the kittens. Therefore, you should take care that the litter was clean, and the animal had water and food. Make sure every kitten finds a nipple. If there are a lot of newborns and colostrum, which stands out, will be missed, you will understand it by the piercing squeak.

In this case, you will need to go to the zoo store and purchase special mixtures that feed the kittens from the pipette until the moment the cat has enough milk.

In the first few days, try not to disturb the "childbirth" and not to touch the babies.

If the animal eats well, behaves normally and diligently feeds the kittens, you can be calm. If you notice symptoms of weakness or strange behavior, ask for veterinary care.

It is not difficult to help your pet in the process of birth, but before you take this important decision, carefully study the necessary information and honestly tell yourself if you can take this responsibility.

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