What to look for when buying a greenhouse?

At the moment, the choice of greenhouses is quite complicated. Consider the main points that should be taken into account.

At the moment you can choose between a variety of materials. If wood and aluminum were used for frameworks for some time before, profiles and profile tubes with special treatment, which increase their strength and stability to aggressive environmental influences, are most in demand. Among the coatings for the skeleton used to be especially popular films and glass. Today, types of plastic are considered to be very functional, such ascellular polycarbonate. In general, with the choice of greenhouses today there will be no problems. After all, you can order a greenhouse with delivery in a variety of places.

The ventilation of a quality greenhouse implies movement, the exchange of air masses inside as well as outside the greenhouse to control the temperature, remove excess moisture with carbon CO2. Carbon and the light of the sun are important enough for normal plant life.In moments of dawn, the plants begin photosynthesis. The amount of carbon decreases because plants begin to absorb it. Ventilation helps ensure the optimum level of carbon required. Optimalgreenhouse ventilation- it is, first of all, the vents, which are located at the top of the greenhouse, bringing warm air, and the vents on the sides, which support the flow of new air. Of particular interest are the windows that have an automatic opening and closing system.

At the moment, there are numerous projects for the introduction of polycarbonate greenhouses. Their structure consists in the presence of a pair of layers of plastic, which are connected by ribs. This two-layer material is able to save a lot of heat and is quite durable. Using cellular polycarbonate, it is possible to form indirect surfaces. How to look in life, these designs can be viewed on numerous construction sites. And using colorful polycarbonate sheets, you will be able to make the greenhouse not only functional, but also an attractive decorative area of ​​your summer cottage.Regardless of color,polycarbonateable to provide the required insulation, and also redistributes the lighting with the best comfort for existing plants.

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