What to see on the road?

January 24, 2015
What to see on the road?

The path to the resort or a business trip is very long. If you have a long journey, take care of yourself from road boredom and maya, remember that among the available benefits of civilization there is such a “magic wand” like a laptop or tablet. Thanks to him, the trip will fly by unnoticed, the main thing is to think in advance what to watch on the road and pump selected films into memory or to a USB flash drive.

Movie selection criteria

First of all, remember that you will not be alone in a compartment or in a bus. And it is quite possible that among the companions there will be children or elderly people. Do not take too bloody or obscene tapes with you. Heavy and psychological dramas will not be the best choice either - the mood is unlikely to delve into deep philosophical thought on the way. It is better to dwell on comedies, action movies or TV shows - even if they are long familiar. And if you are traveling with children, be sure to take care of the cartoons!

Action Cinema

From what can be seen on the road,We can recall three series of the “Jurassic Park”: the run from dinosaurs is very dynamic, the deaths from their teeth are not too bloody, and the plot is not complicated - you can stop at any time if necessary. From the same category the film of the year 99 “Godzilla” about a giant lizard walking around Manhattan. You can take on the road movies with Stephen Seagal or Bruce Willis: they are all fascinating and with a tense story. All Terminators and Matrices are good for road viewing.

Comedy on a trip

If you chose what to see on the road for something ridiculous, the choice is huge: from the classic and not outdated tape “Only Girls are in Jazz” to the very successful Russian films “Election Day” and “Radio Day”. One can only remind about such funny ribbons as “Overboard” (about a millionaire who lost her memory and as a result became a happy mother and wife) and “Raise the periscope”, a comedy about the American submarine fleet. Very good look on the road and comedy with Schwarzenegger: "Twins", "True Lies", "Kindergarten policeman."

New films

Most experienced travelers think that watching a newly released movie on the road is not a good idea.Constant distractions and small screen size will ruin your enjoyment. But if you want something new, try to watch “Maleficent” - colorful fantasy on the elf theme, or Australian “I, Frankenstein”, a movie of the same genre, only about monsters.

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