What vitamins are better?

Vitamins - substances that a person receives from the natural environment, from food. They contribute to the acceleration of metabolism, thereby heal the human body. Fruits and vegetables, cereals and meat were always considered the most vitamin products. In each product, any group prevails, therefore, to get all the vitamins, you need to eat differently. If a person goes on a diet, entire groups of vitamins cease to enter the body automatically! This leads to the disease of certain organs. Therefore, it is important to eat everything, but in a normal amount.

If the diet still does not have enough vitamins, then doctors recommend buying a drug that suits you at the pharmacy. In this case, your task is simplified. And if you yourself decided to buy vitamins for yourself, then when you come to the pharmacy, you will see a huge number of jars and boxes, with different names, colors, and most importantly - prices. Therefore, it is very important to know which vitamins are better. We try to analyze the contents of different types of vitamins.

Domestic vitamins

These are Undevit, Heksavit, Aevit, Dekamevit and many others.What is the difference between our vitamins? You can immediately tell what the price is. They are several times cheaper than imported ones. In addition, the content of vitamins in pills close to the natural rate of consumption of vitamins by man. Moreover, for different ages there are different vitamins with a completely different composition. Russian vitamins are consumed three times a day, so we can assume that the body is saturated with them throughout the day, and this brings its positive fruits. But even this does not tell us which vitamins are better. To understand what you need to buy, you need at least a little idea why you need these vitamins. If you have avitaminosis in the spring, then you need a complex of all vitamins, if you have problems with immunity, then you need to drink vitamins with minerals. If you have skin problems, then you need vitamin A, if neuralgia has become frequent and is suffering from osteochondrosis, then you need B vitamins. In this, Russian vitamins have not been surpassed by any foreign counterpart.

What vitamins are more effective?

Here we come to one of the important questions about vitamins. The pharmacy sells vitamins in pills, powders, injection, effervescent soluble tablets, gel, syrup, and more. And what vitamins are better to take, in what form? Recall biology.What carries nutrients to the body? Blood, of course. And in the blood most quickly and without loss of vitamins through injections, I'm sorry, in the soft muscle. So, this is the most effective way to take vitamins. And what happens to all the other vitamins? Drops, gel, syrup, even marmalade candies get into the stomach first, and from there into the intestinal section, where, according to nature, they should be absorbed into the blood. And in an adult in this very place, the slags a couple of kilograms have subsided, and no vitamins for blood can be broken through. Therefore, the immunity falls, and weakness, the disease begins. Remember the first rule, if you have a weak immune system, do not eat tons of vitamins! You just need to clear the blockages in the intestines. And, then, you can use vitamins. They will benefit you in full. In the usual, that is, slagged intestines, less than 70% of the vitamins from what you have taken in the body pass. So why drive money on, to put it decently, the fortification of human waste?

Imported vitamins

What is the difference between Russian and American diets? That's right, in the states they eat more fast food.We don�t have enough money for him with Russian salaries and European food prices. But this is good! It is fast food that slags intestines more than anything else, and everything is fried, fatty, and smoked. Foreign pharmacists invented such vitamins so that they would still enter the body with any degree of intestinal contamination. The content of substances in the tablet shtatovskih vitamins is huge, it is up to 20 times higher than the Russian. Imagine what aggression the intestinal mucosa is exposed to, which is not cleaned, but rammed by aggressive carriers of beneficial substances. The benefit is temporary, and the mucosa is destroyed. Therefore, no matter how praised the Russians in the US, their vitamins, do not think that this is a panacea for all diseases. It is best to eat right and do moderate exercise. Then the intestines will be clean, and the metabolism is activated, and the vitamins will only be in favor.

Therefore, when deciding which vitamins are best to buy, you should better focus on domestic preparations and take care of overall health.

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