What will end the "Vampire Diaries"?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
August 6, 2012
What will end the "Vampire Diaries"?

The Vampire Diaries is one of the most popular modern TV shows. Vivid characters, an interesting plot and great computer graphics chained the audience to the screens in anticipation of a new series. Unfortunately, they go out not so often - only once a week, and often there are breaks. All this makes fans think about how the Vampire Diaries will end, who the main character will remain with, and whether the main characters will overcome all the obstacles.

The basis of the series

The plot is based on a series of novels by Liza Jane Smith with the same name. At first, The Vampire Diaries was conceived as a trilogy, consisting of the novels Awakening, Hunger and Rage. But the novels turned out to be so popular that the writer wrote the fourth novel Dark Alliance.

Now there are several offshoots of this novel, but at the heart of the series is he. You can find out how the series ends the vampire diaries by reading the novels of Lisa Jane Smith.

The plot of the series

The main character of the series is Elena Gilbert, a high school student of Mystic Falls. Despite the fact that her parents are dying, she and her brother continue to live and are trying to cope with their grief.

A new school year begins and a new student appears - handsome Stefan Salvatore. Relationships are established between the characters, and then Elena learns that Stefan is a vampire. A little later, Stephen's brother, Damon, a charming hooligan, appears. Two brothers fall in love with Elena, because she, like two drops of water, looks like Katerina - a vampire who turned the brothers Salvatore for several centuries. After that, an irreconcilable struggle ensued between them, which has lasted for several hundred years.

For three seasons of the series “The Vampire Diaries”, the main characters face a number of difficulties. First-born vampires appear who want to get Elena to perform the rite. Werewolves are trying to resist the vampires. Witches use black magic to help one side or the other.

The plot of the book

The main characters of the book are the same, and the plot lines are similar to those of the series, but the events occur in a slightly different order.In the four books, Helen first dies and turns into a vampire, then dies like a vampire, and then revives with the help of her medium friend, Bonnie, as an ordinary person. That's what ends the book The Vampire Diaries, and how the series ends - we can only guess.

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