What will the person look like in the future?


In connection with the development of the transport system and a significant decrease in time in order to get from one point of the globe to another, the races will shift. After thousands of years, all the people of the planet will become similar to each other. There will be no black Africans or narrow-eyed Chinese. Scientists are convinced that the man of the future will have a “coffee with milk” skin and dark hair.
Already, people do not need strong legs to run away from predators, and strong hands to hunt or cultivate the land. Muscular atrophy will be a mandatory sign of a man of the future. Due to weightlessness on space flights, which in a few thousand years will be the same standard way of travel as is now in a subway or taxi, muscle loss will occur.
Scientists say that Russian epic warriors, for example, Ilya of Murom, had a height of no more than 150 centimeters and weighed no more than 60 kilograms. Over time, people became higher.In the last two centuries alone, the average height of a person has increased by 10 centimeters. Anthropologists say that in a few centuries the average height of a woman will be 190 centimeters, the average height of a man - 205 centimeters.
The ancestors of modern humans had thick hair. He helped not to freeze in the winter and protected from sunburn in the summer. Now there is no need for hair. It is possible that in the near future, people will lose their vegetation on different parts of the body.
In the past, the jaws of a person were larger in order to be able to chew on coarse food, hard meat. In recent centuries, there is simply no room left for wisdom teeth. Now about every fourth person wisdom teeth do not grow at all, the rest instead of 4 teeth appear only one or two. According to anthropologists, the size of teeth in the future will significantly decrease due to the transition to soft or semi-liquid food.
There is still no single opinion that people of the future will have a big or small head. Some scientists are convinced that an increase in the size of the infant's skull will complicate natural childbirth, will contribute to high mortality and put humanity at risk of extinction.Other experts believe that the birth of children with a caesarean section or the ripening of the fetus, not in the womb, but in a special box, will lead to a reduction in head size.

Other changes

The development of technology allows you to save almost unlimited amount of information on external media. A person no longer needs to remember the multiplication table, spelling rules or recipes of their favorite dishes. If necessary, all these data can be found in a few moments on the Internet. In this regard, the human brain is soon "redeveloped." He will cease to memorize information, but it will be fine to remember where it can be found.
Comfortable conditions of existence and availability of medicine will significantly weaken human immunity. There is no need to deal with pathogens, because at any time you can take a pill. In addition, susceptibility to some diseases will be blocked in genetic engineering.
People of the future will no longer experience most of the emotions characteristic of the modern person. Most of his life will be spent alone with a computer.A person will not need to go to work and maintain good relations in a team in order to move up the career ladder. Thanks to telecommunication technologies, there is no need to leave the house at all. Love and friendship will be a lot of virtuality, a person will meet the needs for sex with high-tech individually programmable devices, and they will be engaged in the continuation of the family not in the bedrooms, but in laboratories.

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