What you can donate on March 8

International Women's Day pleases women with increased attention from the opposite sex, original gifts and emotions. Men also like the holiday, because it provides a chance to please the women who surround them. Joy is slightly clouded, and not with festive troubles, but with the question of what to give for March 8?

Young ladies want to present a gift that corresponds to the place they occupy in the life of the opposite sex. The best gifts are given to close women, and colleagues and girlfriends are congratulated with cute souvenirs. But the choice of any souvenir requires special attention, because an incorrectly chosen gift is fraught with a spoiled mood of the recipient.

The best gifts on March 8 to the wife

Field of tulips

International Women's Day is coming. This means that family men are concerned about the question: What is the original gift to give to my wife on March 8?

The spouse is not only a housewife who cares about the welfare of the family hearth, but also a woman who wants to look perfect.

  • Cosmetics and perfumes. Women like cosmetic and perfumery products, maintaining the image in excellent condition. I recommend to give my wife a “basket of beauty” filled with lotions, creams, lipsticks, gels and perfumes. You need to give such a gift from the heart, and not with a hint that the wife is not beautiful enough.
  • Underwear. You can choose a set of underwear, erotic stockings with a belt, tight-fitting corset or nightgown. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the size and beautifully pack a gift.
  • Flowers. Suitable for men with limited finances. Attach a small souvenir to the bouquet. If the wife does not like floral arrangements, but she is crazy about flowers, give a flowering houseplant. I recommend choosing an unpretentious flower, for example, geranium.
  • Romantic dinner. I consider this option the most original. Organized at home, dinner with candles, romantic music, light snacks and good wine will please the spouse. If you have the means, organize a feast on the roof of the house or in a snow-covered field. Such a meal will be remembered for a long time.
  • Jewelery. Even if you do not have enough money to buy earrings with rubies or a necklace with diamonds, the wife will be delighted with a small gold ring or an elegant silver chain with a beautiful pendant.
  • Journey. If money allows, give your wife the opportunity to relax in one of the warm countries. A short vacation will allow you to relax, get new impressions and feel your love.
  • The realization of the cherished desire. If you are trying to demonstrate your love to your wife, try to realize her dream. Perhaps she wants to sign up for dance lessons, buy a fashionable bag, or hang a pictorial picture in the living room.

I reviewed several ideas for choosing a gift for my wife on March 8. Using one of them, you will receive sincere thanks in return.

Video review of technical gifts up to 5000r

Gift options for March 8 girl

Delicious chocolate and strawberries

Every young man seeks to please his girlfriend with a good gift that will surprise, cheer up and cause a sweet smile.

I suggest several noteworthy options.

  1. Bouquet of flowers. Any girl will appreciate the floral arrangement of mimosa twigs or tulips, packed in a beautiful box. Spectacular design will give the impression that in the hands of a floral firework.
  2. Chocolate treat, made in the form of an author's portrait or a greeting card.This gift is interesting, attractive and incredibly delicious. Even a cute little animal or a fairy-tale chocolate character will give the girl some happiness and frantic pleasure.
  3. If a girl has a car, present a massage cape on the seat. If she lives in a large city or travels frequently, take care with the help of a navigator. The gift is not quite feminine, but incredibly useful.
  4. Dinner in a restaurant- filled with notes of romance and triumph of joint pastime. A small table at the window, overlooking the picturesque pond, quiet music, delicious dishes and unobtrusive compliments will allow the girl to feel like a real queen.
  5. Look for an original giftFor a girl? Stop the choice on a small famous brand clutch. You just need to guess the color and size.
  6. Take a closer look at the braceletbrand Pandora. Each such product is an elegant decoration that can emphasize the beauty of any woman. Believe me, the bracelet will win the heart of your halves with the elements of luxury, refined style and breathtaking play of stones.
  7. If you meet for a long timeIt is possible that the beloved is waiting for the offer. The eighth of March is an amazing opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: to congratulate you on a holiday and become a married man. Just order from the jeweler a ring with an original inscription or an author's pattern.

Regardless of the gift, try to put a good mood, sincere care and a piece of the soul. This will demonstrate to the charming companion care and love.

Popular gifts for March 8 mom


Mom - the most expensive person who deserves the best gift. Undoubtedly, she will accept any gift with great joy, but I want it to be useful and joyful.

Some give mothers scented candles, other kitchen utensils, and third homemade postcards. But this is only a fraction of what you can give your mother on March 8. Let's look at the most successful options.

  • Knitting set. Such a gift will be delighted mother, engaged in needlework. In specialized stores sold a lot of useful things, including crosses, knitting needles, hooks, thread.
  • cookbook. Useful mom, who likes to stand at the stove and cook a variety of treats.
  • Bijouterie.Cheap you can buy stylish and beautiful jewelry: bracelets, earrings, pendants.
  • Manicure set.This option is suitable for people who like to give practical things. With the help of scissors, nail files and other tools from the kit, the mother can take care of the nails.
  • Linens.Give your mother a set of pillowcases, duvet cover and sheets. Delicate fabric and beautiful design will warm her quivering soul.
  • A pet.So the life is built that the grown up children fly around the world like chicks, leaving their parents alone. Giving a puppy or kitten will make mom's life more fun. Just do not buy pets that need special care - exotic reptiles, strange birds.
  • Journey. If you have many brothers and sisters, join forces and give your mother the opportunity to visit one of the warm countries. Vacation will help to rest, for a while forget about everyday worries and gain strength for new achievements.
  • Flowers. A win-win. Many will say it is trivial, but the fact that women like to receive bouquets is indisputable. In pursuit of originality, I recommend choosing a basket of flowers.

Naturally, this is not a complete list of possible gifts for the International Women's Day. Gifted children can make their mother happy with a scarf, and I advise young readers to make a beautiful card for the holiday.

We select a gift for the sister


A sister is a close person you have known since early childhood. She will be delighted even with a trinket, but you want the gift to bring a lot of joy and remind of feelings. It is quite difficult to choose such a gift, but if you consider the character and type of activity of the sister, the chances of success will increase significantly. Let's look at gifts by category.

  1. Profession. If your sister gives herself all the time to your favorite work, present a gift related to your professional activity. In particular, the notary will be pleased with the name pen, and the office worker will be pleased with a good bag or organizer.
  2. Hobby. Surely, my sister has a favorite activity: knitting, drawing, cooking. Buy a gift that will make the hobby more comfortable.
  3. Entertainment. Every person in the shower is a child who likes fun. Even if her sister occupies a high position, it does not mean that sometimes she does not want to fool around a bit.Shooting at targets, skydiving or swimming in the pool with dolphins, she appreciates.
  4. Relaxation. Modern girls strive for independence and work no less guys. Take your sister to the massage parlor, where during the procedure you relax, discuss joys and adversity, share your plans for the future.
  5. Collection. Many are engaged in collecting. To make such a person a gift is not difficult. Buy things that are not in the collection. To do this, familiarize yourself in advance with the available items, otherwise you will be trapped.
  6. Clothes and accessories. The option is suitable for girls who wear clothes of the same size as their sister. Fashionable skirt, stylish gloves or a beautiful handbag will definitely have to taste. The main thing is that the gift matches the preferences and fashion trends.
  7. Souvenirs. Such a gift is always relevant, and March 8 is no exception.

Choosing a gift on March 8, look narrowly at the original things and do not forget about the colors. A bouquet of tulips will be the perfect addition to any little thing.

Choosing a gift for girlfriends on March 8

Variants of gifts to the photographer

On March 8, girls not only receive gifts from young people, but also themselves with great pleasure congratulate mothers and girlfriends.It is customary for mothers to give special gifts, but very few people buy girlfriends for unpretentious figurines or unnecessary things. Let's think together about useful, inexpensive and original versions of gifts for March 8 girlfriends.

  • Gel stickers. Such a unusual, beautiful and inexpensive gift girlfriend will be delighted necessarily. With figures in the form of fruits, flowers and animals, she decorates a mirror, a door of a refrigerator or a tile in a bathroom.
  • T-shirt- a thing, the choice of which does not provide for extremely accurate calculation of the size. She will be happy to wear it if you apply a beautiful image or a photo together on the surface in advance.
  • Backlit mirror. A smart gift is considered a reduced copy of the mirror, which is usually found in beauty salons. With the help of this gift a friend will be able to more conveniently carry out cosmetic procedures.
  • Cosmetics and perfumes. Such gifts are somewhat commonplace, but guaranteed to be useful. A win-win, I consider cosmetic wipes, instantly absorbed cream, nail polish or cosmetic bag.
  • Bijouterie. If you have difficulty with the choice, pay attention to the products with the label "hit sales". Just do not lose.
  • Notepad or notebook. It is difficult to present a more useful gift. Such a thing will be useful in sports, cooking and other spheres. A model with a colorful cover and a bookmark in the form of a ribbon will fit perfectly.
  • Household products. If a friend is a true hostess, present a thing for home comfort. For example, a decorative housekeeper, a beautiful casket, an original candlestick.
  • Congratulations on the radio. If there are a lot of friends and it is not possible to make individual gifts, congratulate everyone on the holiday at the same time by ordering a song on your favorite radio wave.

Regardless of the gift option, remember that its presentation is of paramount importance. Do not save on beautiful packaging and colors. Let the girlfriend on a holiday feel your love and care.

Interesting gifts to colleagues and employees

Vintage books

On the eve of the first spring holiday, every man working in a team of beautiful ladies is faced with the problem of choosing gifts to colleagues and employees. This category of women decided to give cute, pleasant, useful, but not too personal things.

  • Chocolate figures. Gift chocolate products for sale in various shapes and sizes.They are much better suited for the role of business presentations than regular chocolate.
  • Flowers. Spring flowers are a versatile choice. It is not necessary to purchase expensive bouquets, especially if there are a lot of girls in the team. Give each young lady one flower.
  • Book. In truth, women do not like such gifts much. But when it comes to co-workers, books related to professional activities occupy one of the leading positions.
  • Cup stand. During breaks, office staff often drink hot drinks. Twisting it, a cup holder is a great option.
  • Original circle. Keeping fidelity to the theme of office tea drinking, you can congratulate the girls with cups with original inscriptions and drawings.
  • LED lamp. The popularity of such devices is growing rapidly. With such a gift you, at least, surprise the girls.
  • Stylish umbrella. People go to work every day, regardless of the season and weather. A fashionable umbrella will help colleagues in rainy weather and emphasize their individuality.
  • Movie tickets. Buy movie tickets for the premiere of a new film.

Gifts to colleagues are very diverse.In preparation for the holiday do not hesitate to engage in fantasy. She will tell you what is best to give to female employees.

Inexpensive gifts to classmates

Gift set of sweets

For male students, March 8 is a busy and difficult day. Many women need to be congratulated: mother, grandmother, girlfriend and classmate. It is not easy to have with classmates, because the gift should be pleasant, nice and inexpensive.

  1. Flowers. Traditional spring selection. Present one daffodil or tulip.
  2. Accessories. On March 8, classmates can be pleased with beautiful and fashionable bracelets, beads, hairpins or pendants.
  3. Stuffed Toys.The option is relevant for primary school students.
  4. Sweets. Perhaps the most favorite gift of schoolgirls. In the presence of finance a good option is considered to be figures from marzipan or chocolate. Otherwise, candy will be rescued by weight, put up in gift bags.
  5. Festive tea party.If you are grouped with classmates, you can, by showing ingenuity and resourcefulness, organize a feast with tea and cake. In the entertainment program include competitions, for the participation in which the girls will receive souvenirs.

There are other ideas, but the students, due to financial constraints, there is no way to implement them. But this is not necessary. On March 8, a manifestation of attention is enough, which is paired with beautiful words and will delight younger classmates.

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