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When MS Gets You Down

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This just in: MS Sucks!

It sucks energy and time and emotion and well…it just plain sucks.

Today, for me, is one of those “MS Days” that we tell people about in glib, flip little sentences like; “Well, there are good days and bad days.”

The sun has made itself known to Seattle on a September day; not a normal occurrence. And I cannot get myself up, mentally, to go out and enjoy it. My morning slurred into noon, which then required a kip (it was one of those lay down or fall down things).

Now, I find a list of things that haven’t been done, likely won’t get done, and I’m feeling a failure for it (not a total failure).

What is surprising is how this logy, fatigued state can get me down emotionally. MS got me down today when even reading the expectedly inflammatory couldn’t.

This is not MS depression.

It’s just the sick-and-tired of being sick-and-tired feeling we all know so well.

We all live with MS here, be it the person diagnosed or our families. We’ve all had these wee bouts with fatigue-induced malaise. We’ve all come up with our own coping mechanisms. My fall back tricks; coffee and a cookie, watching the dogs play, feeling the sun (or rain) on my skin… they’re not working today.

Today, MS has me down… Tomorrow, I hope will be better.

Wishing you and your family the best of health.



Last Updated:9/15/2010
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