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In what and where to celebrate the New 2013 Year.

New Year's celebration in a casual setting is unthinkable, this holiday should be held under the auspices of glitter, mischief and madness of the garlands. How to preserve the traditions of the most large-scale Russian holiday and cajole the astrological patron of the coming year? First you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations of astrologers aboutwhere and what to celebrate New Year 2013 - the year of the Black Water Snake.


In February 2013, according to the Eastern calendar, the powerful and powerful Black Serpent enters the right. In our country, as in many others, the celebration takes place on the night of December 31 to January 1, therefore, it will be necessary to appease the astrological patron a little earlier. We now turn to the questionWhere to celebrate the New Year 2013Black Water Snake.


New Year's Fest - where, with whom and how to meet the New Year 2013?



Meeting the new 2013 on the advice of astrologers should be held in close family circle or in the company of one of the most beloved and dear to you person, but many Russians will refuse such a modest event and celebrate the New Year by tradition with all the breadth and generosity of the Russian soul.It's no secret that in the noisy company of numerous friends it is much more interesting and fun to celebrate the New Year. Moreover, often a large number of people significantly influence the formation of a benevolent atmosphere and unwittingly create a New Year's mood.


To prevent New Year's Eve from turning into an ordinary feast near a decorated Christmas tree, you can come up with a small script for the New Year 2013. To maintain fun apart from songs, poems in the performance of children and the delivery of gifts, you can add New Year's contests, comic theater performances with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden to the script starring or even mini-competitions.


Recently, it has become popular among young people to celebrate New Year in nightclubs. Thematic festive parties in clubs are held on a grand scale, but still recommended only to people accustomed to night life and impersonal secular parties. So, we definewhat to celebrate the New Year 2013Black Water Snake.


Gaining the trend is still such a form as a meeting of the New Year abroad, appearhot tours for the New Year, all kinds of trips to different countries of the world, in Sri Lanka, in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, France, the Philippines, Finland, Thailand, Egypt and other countries. And of course you can in your home country, for example, to celebrate the New Year in the Moscow region.


Festive attire for the New Year 2013



Since the cosmic element of the next year is water, and the symbolic color is black, black and blue, or their shades, must be present in the festive attire. It is not necessary to completely put on a dark black dress or suit, do not forget that the excess of black and blue pretty depressing. In order to express respect to the patron of the year, it is enough to add a stylish accessory of symbolic color. It is worth noting that any decorative elements of clothing (belts, inserts, trim, buttons, etc.), as well as bijouterie and accessories for hair of charcoal black, look rich and expensive. You can see examples where dresses for the New Year 2013 are shown with photo examples.


In addition to the mandatory item of clothing in black, you need to take care of the overall color scheme of the festive attire. Many Russians in choosing the color of the New Year's attire take into account its symbolic meaning:


  • Gold and yellow are symbols of success, wealth and prosperity.
  • Red and purple are the colors of love and beauty.
  • Blue symbolizes loyalty and devotion.
  • Green - fun and cheerfulness.
  • White - a symbol of purity and innocence.


It has long been believed that the color of the robes on New Year's Eve may affect the fate of each person, for example, a girl in a red or purple dress next year will meet his soulmate.


For men, the choice is obvious: any suit of dark color (preferably blue) in combination with a blue or light green shirt or a light suit with a black slim tie (only for slender men).


It is much more difficult, and from that it is more interesting to choose a New Year's outfit for beautiful ladies. Eccentric persons may indulge in unbridled exultation, because it is in the year of the snake that it is allowed to dress in the brightest elegant dresses. Black snakes require rich deep shades. Favorites of the color palette on New Year's Eve will be red and green. Designers do not recommend dressing up under the traffic light, combining these two colors in one outfit, at least in equal shares. It is better to choose one color and find the most suitable, but necessarily bright and saturated shade of green or red, which will become the basis for evening dress.


Refined ladies will certainly prefer the shades of "emerald" and "ripe cherry." Cocktail dresses of such colors, especially those made from satin fabric, should be spiced up with exquisite black lace trim. So seductive and sexy outfit will not leave anyone indifferent.


According to the fashion trends of the upcoming season, even minimalism should be present in the festive attire. In order to remain on the New Year's Eve on a fashionable wave, it is recommended to choose a feminine evening dress in a classic, or retro style. It would seem that minimalism is too boring for the New Year, but the choice of such a far-from-holiday style is easily compensated by a shiny, iridescent fabric. So, an excellent option will be a short cocktail dress made of silk.


Worthy completion of the festive bow will be a trendy clutch on the chain. You can please an astrological patron and buy a clutch with a snake print or for the sake of the cosmic element of the new year, give your preference a dark blue, emerald or cherry satin flowing texture.


New Year's makeup and manicure



Make-up, of course, should be evening, but you need to decide on the accents: either bright expressive eyes or lips. In order to emphasize the eyes, choose black mascara, blue, green or black eyeliner, baked shadows or shades with mother-of-pearl shine. Do not use more than two colors in make-up. Blush peach-colored or brown tones, and on the lips - a matte lipstick of natural color. If you want to focus on the lips, then, when vising your eyes, exclude the shadows, or apply a matte shade of beige tint close to the skin color, and for the lips pick up a bright cherry, coral or inviting soft peach shade.


A sip of champagne will help to achieve the effect of falling in love with sparkling eyes; Firstly, you should not lose control of yourself, you need to constantly monitor your appearance and correct makeup on time, and secondly, an excess of alcohol in the blood leads to overeating, which is dangerous to maintain a slim figure.


As for the New Year's manicure, stylists advise to limit to a simple two-color pattern.Manicure style should fit the solemn occasion, so forget about the classic geometric graphics of boring tones and decorate your nails with brilliant gold or silver varnish. But remember that in everything there must be a sense of proportion. In case your dress is already gold and silver, balance it with a monotonous matte color of nail polish.


If you want to please the patron of the coming year, it is worth spending on a manicure with a snake pattern, while there are no restrictions on color.


Nota bene:The length of the nails should not exceed 5 mm. Very long natural or extended nails, regardless of whether they are alyapisty or monochromatic, are recognized as bad taste.


Hairstyle for the New Year 2013



If you are an incorrigible fashionista and are going to meet the new year in a retro dress, then the hairstyle should correspond to the chosen style.


Perfect hairstyle in retro style - babette. Hair stacked in a lush roller and will not bother you throughout the holiday. The most romantic options are the free weaving of a “Fishtail” braid, a shell with loose strands, or a flirty bow of hair.The creation of these hairstyles takes a little time, about 20 minutes and does not require special skills and knowledge. To keep your hair perfectly arranged all night, be sure to spray it with a strong hold lacquer.


Any of these hairstyles can be decorated with decorative elements, such as satin ribbons, a scattering of beads, hairpins, combs, artificial flowers. When selecting jewelry it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the initially selected image.


According to the tradition, everything, even the most unbelievable desires, come true to the chiming clock at precisely midnight. If until now your dreams have not come true, although you regularly think of them for the new year, it can only mean one thing - you think wrong. According to legend, as soon as they start beating the chimes, you need to write your cherished desire on a small piece of paper, to burn and throw the ashes into a glass of champagne.

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