Where is the longest bridge in Russia

Tatarstan, highway p239, near the village Sorochy Mountains - this is the famous bridge. The length of the longest bridge in Russia, the Kamsky, is 14 kilometers. There are no competitors for the brainchild in Russia, he is the leader. Kamsky Bridge was put into operation in October 2002. The idea of ​​its construction arose during the reign of the king, but it was only in post-perestroika Russia that they decided to build it.
Near the Sorochy Mountains, the length of the bridge crossing is 14 kilometers, while it is curious that in fact the bridge is composite, i.e. Includes several designs:
- overpass located on the right bank,
- the bridge over Arzarovka, Kurlyanka,
- an overpass near the village Alekseevskoe.

Transport artery

A surprisingly long transition today copes with the loads of both cars and trucks, because the Kamsky Bridge is part of the Orenburg highway. It is part of the Europe-West China transport branch,which is considered the most significant transportation artery.
Dams protect the device from blurring, and anti-landslide structures are built on the right bank. On the left bank, a bridge dam was erected, which does not allow water to get out of the banks during the spill, and also protects the bridge from the soil layer.
The construction of the bridge solved one of the most significant tasks - the track association of Tatarstan. Today, residents, remembering how they stood idle on the ferry, sigh with relief.

Other bridges

In the world, I must say, the Kamsky Bridge is by no means unique, there are much more modern and long passages. For example, the length of the Qingdao bridge in China is 42.4 kilometers. This bridge is located in the outback of Shandong. And this building is considered to be the first in the world in length. Chinese bridge builders exceeded all expectations.
Bang Na Highway in Thailand is not a bridge over the river, but it will also be connected by air 2 points, located at a distance of more than 54 km.
Kamsky Bridge is not included in the twenty of the longest bridges in the world. But the bridge on the Kama in the best way solved the country's transport problems, transport problems within the Republic of Tatarstan.By the way, the second longest bridge in Russia is named Presidential, it is located in the Ulyanovsk region and is almost 13 km along with the length of the bridge. This bridge connects not the banks of the river, but the sides of the reservoir.

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