Which phone to choose?

I want to buy a new phone, now I have Lenovo, but I really want Samsung or iPhone, with a good camera, but not for all the money in the world. Who can tell where in Donetsk is a good choice? Maybe an online store with good prices know?
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Answered on March 8 00:29
If iphone was not used before - I would advise so and remain on the android. And the camera in the Samsung and iPhone is almost the same. I will not tell you just about the choice in Donetsk, I always order on the Rosette, do they deliver it to you?
Answered on March 8 00:49
It seems to me, it is better to come to the store, look at everything, test it, even hold it elementary in your hand - everyone has his own idea which is better, which is worse. Samsung has a lot more models, they have a new phone every season. In Donetsk, by the way, you can buy a large selection here, look at the characteristics and decide.

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