Which Quetelet index corresponds to normal weight

Adolf Quetelet's works in mathematics, astronomy, and sociologists are world renowned. But for women, he is, first and foremost, the creator of a unique formula that helps keep himself in shape.

What it is?

Anyone who is going to lose weight, you need to ask what the Quetelet index or body mass index. Without such information, you can get so carried away with a diet that it will lead to exhaustion and health problems.
Body mass index (BMI) is used by many nutritionists to determine normal weight. Also, using a special formula, you can identify under or overweight.
To determine whether weight corresponds to height, body weight should be divided by height in meters squared. For example, 60 kg: (1.6 m X 1.6 m) = BMI 23.44. This is recognized as a non-hazardous health standard.

What indicator to adhere to

The Quetelet index, which corresponds to a normal weight, will help to part with many complexes, and stop striving for a ghostly ideal and excessive thinness.
So, for people whose BMI is 18.5-25 units, everything is in order. It’s enough for them to just keep active and eat healthy foods to keep fit.
If BMI ranges from 16 to 18.5, you need to think about weight gain. These figures are not critical, but still worth a visit nutritionist.
People whose Quetelet index has dropped below 16 units most likely need medical attention. A similar pattern occurs in dystrophics and girls suffering from anorexia.
With a BMI of 25-30, we are already talking about overweight. This situation requires a diet and active sports. Otherwise, BMI can grow to 30-35 units, and this is already the first degree of obesity.
Usually, people whose body mass index is 35-40 know that they have weight problems. This picture signals a second degree of obesity. A BMI of more than 40 units is about the third degree.

Additional Information

Since the Quetelet index corresponding to normal weight is a conditional indicator, it does not take into account the physique. For example, in professional athletes, BMI is very high due to the large amount of muscle mass.
Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the parameters of the body, as well as measure the percentage of body fat.

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