Which stone is suitable for Aquarius women?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
February 2, 2015
Which stone is suitable for Aquarius women?

Women Aquarians prefer everything unusual and sometimes even extravagant. It is believed that Aquarius - natures are romantic, they are interested in everything that is connected with mysticism and is covered with secrets, they love adventures, have a lively mind. Let's see what kind of stone is suitable for female Aquarius, because the correctly chosen talisman is the key to a successful life.

Aquarius. Stones for women

So, women-Aquarius love everything beautiful and elegant, so talismans with mother of pearl, lapis lazuli or rose quartz will be to their liking. In general, pearl, lilac, pink, black colors, as well as transparent crystals are suitable for Aquarius.

  • Sapphire is considered a talisman if a woman strives for wisdom and has embarked on the path of spiritual development. He will help her in a difficult choice and will become an assistant in obtaining education, will strengthen her health.
  • Moonstone is considered the most significant stone for Aquarius. He helps the owner to become balanced. In addition, he will protect from the troubles of life.The Aquarius woman who carries the Moonstone with her is becoming more harmonious and soft.
  • Obsidian is a very beautiful stone of black color. It is a talisman against negative impact, damage and the evil eye, as well as during travel for those who are at risk. A business woman will be more successful if she wears obsidian jewelry.

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