Who are vervetki

Vervetka are species of monkeys that belong to the family of monkeys primate squad. The vervetka has similar external qualities with a green monkey, but it has a different color of wool, namely, the vervetka has dark limbs and hair in the tail area with a red tint.

As for the appearance of the vervetka, they have a black face of oblong shape. Males are easily distinguished from females by the presence of the first blue scrotum. Adult males reach body weight up to 8 kilograms, and the length of the body varies from 42 to 60 cm. Females have a body weight two times smaller than males.

For vervetka characteristic diurnal lifestyle. These animals live in flocks. There is a clear hierarchy in flocks.

This type of monkey can produce certain sounds, which may signal a warning of danger. At the sight of predators such as the leopard, eagle or snake, vervetka use special distinctive signals. The main food products of monkeys are a variety of fruits, figs, leaves and seeds of plants.An integral component of the food is eating eggs of birds and young chicks, as well as insects.

Vervetka live mainly in the districts of southern and eastern Africa, in the range from Ethiopia and Somalia to South Africa. Less and less of this type of monkey can be found moving to the western part of the East African rift. Primates are so accustomed to adapt to different habitats that they can settle even in conditions where there is a low level of vegetation.

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