Who buys in La Redoute online store?

Good day! I got a catalog of French La Redoute clothes, I liked the clothes, I looked at a lot of interesting things. I would like to hear feedback from those who ordered there. How was it? How is the quality and dimension?


I have been buying clothes and shoes for more than 5 years. I can’t say anything bad. Indeed, a lot of cool things for myself there I find. And decent quality. In catalogs only the smallest part. On the site the choice is much greater. Styles are different. Like brand R Studio. Modern, youth. It can be taken safely. Goes in size and quality is super! She also took Mademoiselle R, also quality ok, but it seemed like a little small. Invited brands are all in size.

I also take my little things there. Very well worn, do not lose appearance.

Of course, I recommend reading reviews on a specific product on the site to read, it helps a lot with the choice of size, and find out what to expect from the product. This is especially true for shoes. (It can be small)

In terms of service, all at the level of European service. Quickly, organized, intelligent.Discounts delight, I somehow for a stock jacket from nat.kozhi for 3 tr. Uspla buy. And delivered free of charge. Try it! Return, especially if you do not like it.

I also ordered clothes from them several times, it is really very high quality. But, as for me, the prices are a bit overpriced and not everyone can afford to dress in this store. So I, as soon as I went on maternity leave, began to look for stores where prices are available for mothers on maternity leave. Now I look through dresses on Yavitrinahttps://seversk.yavitrina.ru/catalog/zhenskie-platya/stella-mccartneythe prices are certainly lower than in the La Redoute shop, and I’ll say about quality only when the first order arrives, which I plan to make in the near future.

I registered in La Redut a long time ago, but I only started actively ordering the last 2 years, as I went on maternity leave, and became limited in time for shopping trips. And now I think that I did not buy things there before ?! Good store! Al assortment large, often add new items. For women, so in general there is, where to roam, there would be money)) For every taste and color! Prices are different, basically everything is available, especially through the use of promotional codes for a discount. I don’t order them without them, because the difference with the initial prices is almost 2 times higher. The quality is generally excellent, but once it still received a thing with a marriage.But for what I love La Redut, without any questions compensated for the cost of return. and very quickly returned the money. Dimensions are rare when they do not fit, I think that everything is in size, but there are exceptions. On my 42-44 I take 36 French. The most it! In contact, there is their group, there are customer reviews with real photos. I like to take dresses there - very beautiful!

I love shoes from Laredut. I have a lot of it, almost always corresponds to my size, but sometimes it is not so easy, like NewBelans, for example, or a model for a narrow leg, so I try to read reviews on the site, though I return shoes a couple of times, but in 2 brands-MADEMOISELLE R and ELLE, I'm already sure, because several models ordered size always match. The length of the foot is 24.4 cm. 38 size. The shoes are very well worn, even textile and the price is very comfortable. Goods come from a warehouse in France to a warehouse in Russia, and then are sent around Russia, so you have to wait for some goods for a month, but for me this is not critical. Often the stock store does free shipping.

I agree with you that the range there is very wide, a lot of things youth, relevant. Mademoiselle R series is very elegant, my favorite!) The site is also convenient, there are reviews on things and you can safely pick up, knowing what and how it will sit. The service is very acceptable))

Hello! Also order in this store. For me, Redut is a discovery in the field of online stores. Before that, she was somehow suspicious of them, it was easier to go to a regular store, try on and buy. But over time, the question began to rest on the price and time. You spend all the days off on these trips and only in frustrations from rabid prices, and not at all justified. But here are branded products at real prices, I want to point out their line of brands r essentiel, mademoizelle r, soft gray and many other, really good quality things. Very stylish look, shoes behaves well in socks. By the way, in size, everything was from the first packages, which was very surprised. The store often holds good promotions, it turned out to order goods at a discount of 50-60%. I am very pleased with this site!

I am always looking for something individual. I, too, a friend advised this site and I was just looking for jeans boyfriend. Has found) ordered with courier service and fitting, the quality is very good, the color is straight jeans, as I wanted, very pleasant to the body. And the most interesting is that the cost was 4199, and the discount was 2519. As I understood, the new customers are always happy!

I think one of the most stylish shops, while you can find clothes for any mood. Right now, in my heart and on the calendar, spring, I wanted colors — I got it) and for ordinary everyday life I bought new jeans and sneakers, took a silk blouse in work in a new plum color (so juicy and beautiful!) life) Yes, and discounts with promotions are always with this company, the main thing is to be able to search, sometimes wait and look into their official group of VC (super codes are sometimes posted there)

Itself recently stumbled upon it. I liked the options that they offer, and soon I am going to buy something.

a guest17.04.17 13:40

I bought a baby coat there. Synthetics of course hellish, but warm and for such money, completely!

And I like children's things in Lareduth. The quality is good (China, Bangladesh, India); colors, models, original prints. I like to order the same things for my older and youngest daughters, and sometimes I also order T-shirts from the children's collection for myself - size 162 and shoes also fit me 38 size. Parcels are received at the point of issue, if all the goods are in stock in Russia, they arrive quickly.I like the fact that you can create a whole image, the photos on the site are always clues that you can combine with what. I love Laredutovsky catalogs, but now something has begun to come less often.

I also order here. I am satisfied with the price and quality.

Sneakers, pink suede, live look much better than the site, the size in size, but on a narrow leg, I approached. They look very romantic and European-quality!

A bag. Size 13-20cm, suede, 3 compartments closed with a lock and a flap on the button, quality 5+. She came both in size and style, and my favorite color is purple.

I am also placing orders in Lareduth. From the last order I especially liked the jacquard coat art. 8580332- a very cool size is 42 French; its length is 80 cm, inside is a cotton lining;

jacket green art. 8359091- genuine leather, size 42 length 55cm., Sleeve length 64cm. together with the cuff, the lining is very beautiful, there is an inner pocket, processing at 5;

Katonka classical art. 8713502- 42 size, 55 cm in length, but the cation is such as it should be, and not a rag, a hanger is sewn.

I have only positive emotions from communicating with Lareduth. Love the assortment. A variety of ideas, prices are pleasing to the eye.For two years I have been ordering things in Laredut, shoes, home textiles (bed linen for myself and parents as a gift by February 14). I have no complaints about the quality, everything suits. Payment upon receipt, refund is also possible. In my opinion, you can’t think of anything better!

A good selection of clothing for different ages and shapes. Shoes surprisingly also presented in such sizes, which in the shops during the day with fire you will not find. Fashionable, stylish, youth. For the past year, I have never regretted that I order in La Redout. I hope this will continue.

I love things of the brand R edition, you can find a lot of stylish things that no one will have. Prices are not inflated to the obscene, as in some online stores. Everything is adequate. About a year I order clothes and shoes in la Redout, while everything suits. I see no reason to be afraid to order things online. In la Redout you can always issue a refund without any problems. This is also his dignity. Many sellers now, as they say, "wash their hands" when they receive money for the goods. And it can be quite difficult to argue. Here it can be seen that la Redout values ​​its reputation. It's nice when me, as a client, is so attentive and respectful.

Excellent quality, prices with discounts on sales below average. The staff are polite, do not refuse, any issue is brought to the resolution. Never nakhamili, all within. Delivery in Russia is literally 3 days, from France longer, but also not forever. Everything is written on the site when filling out the order form. The main thing is to be attentive. I read in the reviews that things can be small or more. I can say that everything is individual. For example, I ordered jeans, in a review a bunch of people wrote that it was necessary to take on the size, or even two more. I did not listen, I took mine and got to the point. But about the blouse people wrote that it is much more than a little, they say Take less. Again, I ordered my size. Blouse close-up. She did not return, because she fell in love with color, and she sits well. So the store is definitely recommended, but in size it is better to listen only to yourself and be guided by your experience.

And clothes, and shoes, everything is just beautiful. In French is gorgeous. Exclusive home delivery. A lot of very interesting models to any shape. I like the fact that they do not forget about women with forms. Although I myself do not consider myself to be crap, my sister, who is a young lady in her body, always finds options for herself. And, believe me, almost all things very well emphasize her figure, slim.Anyway, I noticed that things from the La Redout catch on themselves the glances of passersby. I am also glad that this is not a production of many thousands. Most likely on the street you will not meet a girl dressed as well. Chances are minimized.

This is one of the first online stores where I started ordering clothes and shoes. I order to this day. I have the most positive impressions, good service, a large selection. Excellent value for money. In La Redut you can sometimes buy very inexpensive, but at the same time stylish things and accessories. Size can be determined by the table. In my memory there were a couple of returns due to the fact that the thing was great. But it is rather because of personal preferences. Free style, and I love it when the thing is closer to the body, so I returned and reordered in a smaller size. Now I’re about imagining in what size it is better to take one style or another. The quality is very decent, that the adult, that child, in the process of socks did not break, did not fall apart. Many things already have a decent amount of years, but I carry, and it is active.

Now it has become much easier with orders - you can open a parcel before payment, if ordered through Pickpoint to the point of issue.So even no risk, because free delivery.

I'd like to share my long-awaited new clothes with like-minded people! Last week, on Thursday, took the boyfriends. I have long wanted something like that, I was just a little afraid, because a very bold style, I thought, suddenly they wouldn't suit me, and so on. Even in the shops avoided them. And then decided, why not try it ??? First went to the mall. I was upset that every single fight was ragged. I do not want such. Therefore, she turned to the already familiar La Redout, who had already rescued more than once. Almost immediately found "his" couple. Ordered, received. The quality is super! True no lycra and synthetics, natural cotton. If you go wrong with the size, you will not fit exactly! But after two days, the socks are already a little stretched out, like any jeans made from natural cotton. Now before washing. I am satisfied, I have already measured all my wardrobe under them, created a couple of bows.

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