Who is the novel with Darya Zhukova?

The main news of this week is, of course, the divorce of Roman Abramovich and Darya Zhukova. The couple asked to show respect for their personal lives, but ... in the case of the loudest and - as expected - the most expensive divorce of the year, this is hardly possible. On the agenda of the possible reason why the couple decided to leave after ten years of marriage. And one of them - a possible affair on the side, and both.

The tabloids are attributed to Roman Abramovich's relationship with Nadezhda Obolentseva, the recently divorced mistress of the closed intellectual "Club 418". As for Darya Zhukova, the gossipers managed to unearth even more interesting things there, and opinions were divided. Italian tabloid Chi suggested that the founder of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art had an affair with boyfriend Heidi Klum Vito Schnabel (the paparazzi caught a couple on a romantic date in a cafe, but the representatives of Darya Zhukova immediately demanded to remove it, calling it a fake). In addition, there is a version of Bozena Rynski, who hinted on her Facebook page that Daria is meeting with bigger fish, namely Sergey Brin, the founder of Google, with a fortune of 43.5 billion dollars.

Curious versions.Do you believe or do not believe the rumors?

Daria Zhukova and Roman Abramovich

Daria Zhukova and Roman Abramovich

"We must be able to appreciate what comes into your life, enjoy what you have, and, most difficult, let go when everything ends ..." - Ksenia Sobchak, a good friend of Darya Zhukova, also did not stay away from discussing the main news of the week. On her Instagram page she supported a friend with whom she has been friends for over 20 years: “Today I am mentally with one very dear person I know from childhood, a beautiful and bright woman who has a lot of incredible discoveries and new roads ahead! With love to one dear person from my childhood whom I really admire. ”

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