Who would suit guipure dresses? (8 photo)

If there are few dresses in your wardrobe, it’s time to correct this situation. Go shopping and update or complement your wardrobe. For example, look at the guipure dresses. Doubt? Then first find out who they are going to and how to wear them correctly.

What is this fabric?

Guipure is a fabric whose history has Italian roots. It consists of thin, elastic, but strong threads. And, in spite of the fact that the name is French, Italy is the birthplace of the guipure, there it was first heard about it at the end of the XVI century. In general, the word itself is translated from French as “openwork fabric”.

Original version

In fact, it is, because this material is a special kind of lace. But this open-work material differs in that it has convex elements, which are connected together by reticulated matter. But the basis for the patterns can also be organza, although today you can find guipure on some other tissues.

As for patterns, the earliest technique is called "point de rose", which literally means "point roses". Plant patterns are relevant to this day.They attract and attract with their intricate weaves, which give an image of femininity and sexuality. But it is acceptable to use geometric ornaments, as well as the image of animals or people.

Nice outfit

There are many different types of guipure: leis, biflex, printed, one-colored, fine-patterned, mesh, knitted, guipure leather, metallic guipure, woven, stretch mesh. All these types of combines the presence of a lace pattern.

Who is going to?

Beautiful guipure dresses are available for girls of any type of appearance. By itself, guipure can be called sexual and feminine material, so if you are not too confident in yourself, then in this outfit you may not feel comfortable.

For the evening

A girl in a sexy outfit, writhing from foot to foot, hiding her eyes on the floor and hunched - this is not the best spectacle. So guipure requires self-confidence. And even if your appearance is imperfect (although the ideal is an abstract concept and not always understandable), then you should not put an end to yourself and abandon the lace patterns.

If you choose the right model, you can emphasize your advantages and at the same time hide the flaws.So go ahead! And do not be shy!

Great for summer

When is it appropriate?

When is this material appropriate? Immediately it should be noted that you should not go to a guipure dress for work or for an official business meeting, they will not understand you correctly and will not appreciate it.

Perfect for summer

Most often, elegant evening gowns are sewn from guipure, so this sexy and feminine outfit can be safely worn at a high society party or party. Also in it you can go to the club or on a date with a young man.

And if you choose a romantic model without extra details and close to everyday style, then in this dress you can go for a walk in the park with a friend. The most important thing is to find one that fits.

Variety of styles: how to make a choice?

This material is often used

The styles of guipure dresses can be very diverse. Each of them has its own characteristics and fits a certain type of shape. Some models emphasize a waist, others open legs, the third visually extend a body, the fourth will help to hide a tummy. How to choose one thing? We offer to explore possible options:

  • Short, fitting dresses made of such material are more likely an option for parties and clubs, since this outfit may look somewhat vulgar at a social event.Such models can afford only the owners of an ideal figure and chiseled legs. Moreover, if the legs are too long, then this option is not entirely successful, since the length will increase, which will make the proportions of the figure absurd.
  • Long fitting dresses in the floor go tall ladies with a perfect figure. If the hips are too narrow and the buttocks lack volume, it is better to refrain from this option. For small tits with inches, such a model is also hardly suitable (although heels can save the situation).
  • A long dress with a flared hem will allow you to hide the defects of the lower part of the figure, such as a slightly bulging belly (if the waist of the dress is not understated), uneven or full legs. But ladies are not tall growth of such dresses is better to beware.
  • If you have slender and not too long legs, then by all means open and show them. You will suit short dresses. If at the same time the upper part of the figure is not as perfect as the lower one, then you should pay attention to the dresses of a free straight or slightly flared cut, they look cute and romantic and hide the extra volume at the top.
  • If you have wide hips, then choose a model with a slightly flared hem. The optimal length is up to the knees or slightly lower.Such a model is also suitable for those who, on the contrary, do not have enough volume in the buttocks and hips area. But in this case the hem should be more voluminous. The length should be chosen just above the knees.
  • If your tummy is slightly bulging, then choose a dress with a slightly high waist (it will not be under the breast, but 10-15 centimeters below), this model will hide this small flaw.
  • If you have narrow shoulders, pay attention to models with sleeves-flashlights.
  • Asymmetric models fit slender girls with the right proportions, since all the flaws can stand out.
  • Dress with an open back will attract attention to this part of the body and add the image of sexuality.
  • If you have voluminous sides, then correct the position of the insert on the sides of the dense fabric of a contrasting shade. The silhouette will visually stretch and acquire the correct proportions.
  • For full ladies, you can choose models of straight cut or with a high waist and flared hem, covering the knees.
  • Owners of small breast volume is best to choose models with drapery and other voluminous details in this area.
  • Decollete can be any. For example, a V-neck will emphasize the chest and extend the neck and the whole body. Deep neckline is shown to girls with a beautiful neck.The shoulders can only be opened if they are not too wide (you should not also expose narrow ones). Square neckline will make shoulders wider, this option is also suitable for chubby girls. But the closed narrow gate goes to thin girls with a narrow face.

As for colors, the classic is black. But also such shades as beige, red, blue, emerald and white are relevant.

Wedding outfits

Elegant outfit

Wedding dress from guipure - a separate theme. They are feminine, tender and elegant. But if you choose such a dress, then everything else should be restrained and concise, otherwise the image will seem overloaded.

What to wear guipure dresses?

The dress from guipure is already a bright accent of the image, so that it does not require additional decorative elements. Accessories here in most cases inappropriate. The maximum that you can afford is a string of pearls and a pearl bracelet. From bulk necklace with stones refuse.

Nice outfit

Choose a miniature clutch without unnecessary details, for example, lacquered or velvet (solid).

Shoes only with heels, but without unnecessary details. The best option - a boat with a rounded nose.

Wear such a dress with pride and pleasure!

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