Why can refuse an Italian visa

The main reasons for the refusal of an Italian visa

A widespread reason for refusing to apply for an Italian visa is the doubts of the embassy staff that a person travels to another country without the intention to subsequently move there. The problem may lie in the lack of ownership in the home country or in the presence of “unreliable” relatives who have moved to another country illegally or semi-legally. Moreover, if a person who wants to get a visa does not have children, and if he is not bound by marriage, this can also become an obstacle to obtaining an Italian visa. You may even have to prove that you are not going to Europe to marry or get married quickly and thus speed up the process of obtaining citizenship.
A person who has previously violated the visa regime, even if it is a question of his traveling not to Italy, but, for example, to the United States, the United Kingdom or Canada, will almost certainly be denied a visa.Criminal record can also be an obstacle in the paperwork, although the embassy staff sometimes turn a blind eye to minor offenses.
Problems can also arise when there is insufficient income and too little money in the account. If the embassy decides that the person does not have the amount necessary for a holiday in Italy and a safe return to his homeland, he will be denied a visa. That is why special attention should be paid to certificates of employment, bank statements and other documents that can confirm your good financial situation.

Additional problems

Unfortunately, the cases described above are only the most common, but there are dozens of other reasons to refuse a person with an Italian visa. Many of them are related to documents. If you provide an incomplete package of papers, you will receive a refusal, but you will be able to correct your mistake. If the embassy staff finds out that you have provided bogus documents (for example, false certificates of employment, showing a higher level of income than they actually are), they will refuse you.
Much depends on the behavior of the person at the interview. If you are too nervous, provide contradictory information, get confused in your answers, and cannot clearly explain the purpose of the visit and the reasons for your subsequent return to your homeland, you may be denied a visa.

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