Why choose a glass table

The sage taught: building, do not possess. Eastern instruction is perfectly suited to the top product of modern design - a glass table. Glass "creates" creates functional comfort. But at the same time "does not possess", does not take away the visual volume of the room. To buy a glass table to order in Moscow means to get maximum comfort with minimum spending of residential or business space. This is an exclusive quality glass. Tables of other material do not know how.

Glass Table Benefits

Wood, plastic, stone ... The tops of the usual compositions each have their own advantages. Plastic is available. Plastic set can be changed every year. The tree is checked. Wooden furniture is environmentally friendly and friendly. A mighty stone will last for centuries. He has no demolition.

Alas, the advantages of these raw materials will not remove the minuses. Fat penetrates the pores of the stone. For cleaning you need to shed a bucket of sweat. The tree is vulnerable. Moisture and heat will destroy it. And plastic is deadly ordinary.

That is why the modern consumer is decisively choosing tables from glass to the kitchen, home or office. Under the computer and for work (cabinet type). Or easy "magazine" option in the hall. Glass table top:

  1. - To withstand high temperatures. For example, a pan that has just been removed from the fire.
  2. - Stand against chronic moisture.
  3. - It's hard to scratch, but easy to clean with a regular cleaning agent.
  4. - A custom made glass table will reflect and multiply the luminous flux. What will give your room more freedom and depth.

Only tempered glass 6-10 mm thick is used. It will not break even if you drop a griddle on it.

Buying a glass table. Order Features

Are there any drawbacks to the glass table? Certainly. First and foremost: glass does not tolerate a careless producer. And in general amateurism in the work. But if it was processed by the master, the performance characteristics of any model are flawless.

That is why it’s important to find a reliable manufacturer when ordering a glass table. The point is not only in quality, but also in the budget. The price of the tables depends on:

  1. - material,
  2. - size,
  3. - edge processing,
  4. - quality hardware,
  5. - design tabletops and legs.

Glass tables to order. Design of the project.

Style solutions for glass are endless. Surprisingly, they are created by few operations. Full transparency is only one option. By the way, it is not always convenient. Through such a tabletop, the legs of the seated are visible. The company Glass-Profi harmoniously inserts a stylish table into your interior. It will give it freshness and zest. And at the same time, it controls the execution of each operation and guarantees a perfect result.

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