Why "Narcissus" should be regretted

Anyone who has met in his life "narcissus", can agree that they are, to say the least, unpleasant personalities. At first, you may be interested in people who constantly argue that the world is far from ideal. In addition, such people take care of themselves, and their appearance is very attractive. But over time, looking closer, you realize that in fact there is a caprice in front of you who is not able to endure the thought that he is not the navel of the earth.

According to scientists, the best reaction to such people is kindness and ... pity. Although they usually cause the desire to put out of place, still not worth doing, and here's why.

1. “Daffodils” are very vulnerable

As a rule, deep in the soul of such people are very affected. Chronically low self-esteem is their constant companion, and they try to compensate for this by seeking constant attention. It is this that helps them to feel important and significant in this world, because in fact the narcissists are not aware of their value as an individual.

2"Narcissus" with their terrible character and still live

It would seem that indifference to everything should relieve the "daffodils" from experiences, but no. In fact, such people experience negative emotions much deeper than other people, especially since the “daffodils” realize that all difficulties in communication are associated with them, with their character, self-love and inability to empathize with people.

3. "Daffodils" can learn empathy

Perhaps the most disgusting trait of the “narcissus” character is inattention to the feelings and needs of other people. Those close to them often blame them for their callousness and coldness, and sometimes they even think that narcissists simply don’t care. But in fact, the daffodil can show sincere sympathy and even put itself in the place of another person. Only for this you need to completely immerse the "narcissus" in a foreign inner world.

Excessive egoism is rarely found in a truly happy person. Keep this in mind when communicating with the next "narcissus".

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