Why do children have eye color changes and when this happens

In the outline of just born children it is very difficult to grasp the similarity with moms and dads, especially for the eyes, because their shade at first doesn’t look like our usual ones. When the eye color changes in a newborn baby, the similarity becomes more noticeable, but this moment will have to wait from 3 months to several years.
when the eye color changes in a newborn baby
When does a child's eye color change? Sometimes this happens only after a few years.
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At birth, most babies have the same light or dark gray hue. They seem to be muddy, in addition, the child’s gaze is not yet focused, the baby is able to see only closely spaced objects. During this period, it is almost impossible to predict what the eye color will be in the future in a child. The only exception is brown-eyed newborns, who occasionally appear with a constant color, or it becomes so during the first month of life.

Why do children have eye color changes?

The pigment melanin is responsible for the eye color.It is the amount of pigment that determines shade, as well as the degree of its manifestation. However, in the body of the newborn melanin there is an insignificant amount. Over time, it begins to accumulate, respectively, changing the color of the eyes. In some cases, this happens several times in the first year of life.

It must be borne in mind that the color of the child's eyes is laid genetically

Although it is impossible to calculate it in advance, the result determined by nature will not change under any circumstances. Specialists who study inheritance issues are approximate diagrams that demonstrate what parents can expect, given the interaction of the shades of their eyes.

In any case, given that melanin accumulates, the initial shade can only darken.

When does a child's eyes change?

A tint of brown or dark eyes forms at about three months of age. In all other cases, the process may take several years.

From six to nine months, the change sometimes occurs so abruptly that parents do not recognize their babies, who go to bed with one shade of eyes, and wake up with another.In addition, the color of the child even affects the mood.

If he is angry, his eyes literally turn into a kind of thunderclouds

By four years, the color of the iris is established and subsequently does not change until old age.

Sometimes children may experience heterochromia, that is, the eyes have a different shade. This is a normal phenomenon that should not scare parents. However, such babies should be regularly shown to an ophthalmologist to rule out pathology.

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