Why do I finish quickly?

If you love a person, you want to support him in everything, to protect, to please in everything, both in everyday life and in sex life. But it is no secret that most couples have problems with sex, and, as a rule, are similar. For example, a large number of women and girls do not end at all, some can enjoy only alone with themselves, and some need a very long prelude and the same long sexual intercourse. But not every man can boast that can not end for a long time. Many young people often think “Why do I finish quickly?”, Because both partners want to get pleasure, and only one gets. Often a woman simply does not have time to reach orgasm. Although such problems are purely intimate, but others may also entail. Women begin to feel inferior, decreased libido, and the man himself quickly get bored. It wants to find a partner with whom it will be good, which will allow a woman to reveal her potential.

Some men do not attach any importance to this, which can lead to problems, quarrels and, eventually, to a break in relations.How to get rid of this problem, and whether it is a problem at all? Why do men ejaculate so quickly, and what is the average duration of sexual intercourse? "Why do I quickly finish"? - let's try to figure it out.

Quick erection: origins

To begin with, how a man prepares for sex and what he expects from her. Many men will remember their first ejaculation, in most cases it happens in a dream, and, waking up in the morning, a little boy discovers that his panties are wet, and, not knowing that this ejaculation thinks that he wrote. This happens, most likely from overexcitement, when he sees an erotic dream. What is characteristic, excitement occurs only in the head of a teenager and does not require any physical contact with the penis, such as strokes. This is a vivid example of the fact that the basis of pleasure lies in the head. As a rule, the age of a teenager who begins to notice a desire for the opposite sex, an erection, involuntary ejaculation, is adolescence or a little earlier, that is, 10-14 years. A little later, he learns what sex and masturbation. The teenager begins to experiment, dream,look for photos, magazines, videos, that is, everything that makes him excited, and, as a rule, he stops at the fact that he gets the most out of him. In addition, it is not uncommon for ingenuity and rampant desires and fantasies of adolescents make them enjoy not only conventional methods, but try to get pleasure by putting thin objects, phallic objects into the anus, into the urethra, in order to stimulate the prostate, suffocation, and so on. All this often ends with any problems. In any case, no matter how much the young man tries to get pleasure, by watching porn movies or by some wild things for most people, he tries to get pleasure as soon as possible. There is no such problem in the boy’s head at all: why I finish quickly, he is committed to this.

And so, when he gets his first sexual experience with a girl, no matter how he restrains, he still ends quickly. This is not only because he is used to quickly have fun. In part, excitement plays a part, which is growing due to inexperience and fear of dishonor, and in part because of the sensations during intercourse.Getting into a moist, hot, tightly wrapping member of the vagina of the girl, the young man begins to experience sensations, much more pleasant than the same movements with his own hand. The enormous influence is played by the young man’s psychological state, telling him: “Lord, what a beautiful, tender body, I just want to hug, grab my tender chest, lick swollen nipples ... I finally became a man!” And then, voila, you already finished, and it is good that at least they were protected, and then the problems should be raked. And the girl at this time is looking at you with such a look that they say, “Is that all !?” Shame, shame, and fear of intimacy for a long time. And you again and again think: why I quickly finish ...

Time passes, you are far beyond twenty, you have a serious relationship with a girl, sex is no longer an unprecedented rarity, but the norm, how to brush your teeth, but you still quickly end up and think: “What's wrong with me? It's one thing in the first time - for 20-30 seconds, but now why can not I hold out more than 2 minutes? In theory, I should be capable of 20 and 30 minutes of long passionate sex, and the girl should admire me, because I have so much experience! Why do I finish quickly? ”

About quick erection

The answer is simple - should not, and then 10 years ago should not. In fact, the cause of rapid ejaculation in men are not any problems in the head, or disease. On the contrary. Quick ejaculation speaks of a man as a healthy, sexual partner, capable of ejaculation and, as a result, conceiving a child. But if you do not have ejaculation for a long time, then this is a reason to think and consult a doctor, because this can cause not only lack of attraction or low excitability, but also health problems, such as prostatitis, impotence, adenoma, etc.

Is there a rule

Studies conducted by sex therapists revealed the following results:

The time scatter is very large and the rate for each person is different. According to statistics, 1 minute 14 seconds is considered to be the minimum duration of sexual intercourse, 2 minutes 2 seconds as the average and 3 minutes 34 seconds as the maximum. This does not mean that if you have ejaculation 10-15 minutes after the start of sexual intercourse, then something is wrong with you. Many people are afraid to go to the doctor with their intimate problems, and tend to suffer from it.Do not be afraid to appear to the urologist, an extra visit to a specialist will help you find out if you are all right with your health, carry out prevention of various diseases, and talking to a sex therapist will help you find out what you are missing in family life.

Why I quickly finish: possible reasons

A more obvious and simple reason for very fast ejaculation may be the following:

  • The last time sex was long ago;
  • The girl excites very much;
  • It is very hot in the girl's vagina.

In any case, if you experience problems with ejaculation, talk to your soulmate, explain to her what is bothering you, maybe together you will discuss some things and it will become easier for you.

So, we found out that a minute, two, three are not a man’s weakness, but a norm, and you shouldn’t worry about it. But then what to do with his girlfriend, she also wants to have fun. Here you need to "puff". The main thing to take into account one subtle point: you need to have a girlfriend, but this does not mean that you should not stop for a long time.

I finish quickly: overcome the problem

There are several ways to bring pleasure to the girl, not ending.

  • Find out what your partner gets a lot: erotic underwear, role-playing, sharing porn, and so on.
  • Include a prelude in your sex, it should be long, so that the girl is very excited, stroke her, kiss, give compliments, show her that you are a real man, affectionate, gentle, strong, but not rude.
  • Use oral caress, try to bring it to the clitoral orgasm once or maybe two.
  • Try to use sex toys, if any, or maybe the other way around, the improvised items will be more interesting.
  • Suggest a girl to bring herself pleasure at you, at first, she is likely to be shy, but overcoming this barrier will be fairly relaxed, and you will go to a new level.

Using any of the above, you do not have some time to directly engage in sex and, accordingly, do not stop, and in the meantime your favorite will enjoy. Use the above listed as the beginning of sexual intercourse, and you will significantly bring your partner's orgasm, which will allow you to bring it to orgasm, and finish yourself, without this obsessive thought: why I finish quickly.

Also in the process of sexual intercourse, you yourself can control ejaculation. To do this, you only need to anticipate the onset of ejaculation and stop it by stopping frictions for a while (10-20 sec) and distracting attention (orange, ski, felt boots, etc.). Read more about how to give pleasure to the girl and at the same time slow down ejaculation, read our article "How long do not finish?".

Anyway, be honest with your partner. Try to find out together the reasons why you end quickly. It will be a shame to talk about the problem, knowing that it could be solved a few years ago. Do not be afraid to turn to specialists, they will definitely help you, and they certainly will not laugh at you, as you probably suppose.

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