Why do we have so many single women?

The first reason: too high self-esteem

Men of such girls are called princesses. The typical statement of such a young lady: “I am constantly developing, and the men are primitive, they are satisfied with what they have, and do not aspire to more. I need a man who will fit me in status and intelligence. ”

The second reason: coldness and inability to interest a man

One of my acquaintances mom married for the second time at the age of 60, for an Englishman, and her sister at the age of 35 got married for the third time and left the previous two husbands herself. And such women neither in 40, nor in 60 will remain alone. If there is no fire in the eyes of a woman, if she has forgotten that she must be attractive and sexy, then neither at 20 nor at 30 with the male sex will she be lucky.

The third reason: "prickly woman"

Such women express their problems too aggressively; men simply fear them. The usual saying of these embittered maidens: “I’m not trying to look, let them seek me, by the time I was thirty, I realized that it’s much easier to live without men.”

Reason Four: A man is OBLIGED to a woman simply because OBLIGED.

Or rather, because it uses it. Many men, of course, have questions: isn’t they? And what can a woman give in response to his care, except for her body?

Why do we have so many single women?

Why do we have so many single women?

According to psychologists, the reasons for loneliness do not end there, but I am convinced that the main reason lies elsewhere - in our MEN.

I see a lot of girls who will be glad to any fool, just not to drink and beat, and the rest is all by herself. Let him earn a little, let him be interested in one football and generally behave like a sofa vegetable, if only he was near. And this is the main trouble: the guys are used to being lazy, they are even afraid of this female tirelessness and forgiveness, they just forgot how to take responsibility.

My husband's mom raised him herself for a small salary of a seamstress, but he is grateful to her and remembers his childhood with warmth. And he remembers some of her gentlemen. The strongest one in memory was one, and his name was Nikolay. An intelligent uncle who came to their house when my future husband was about ten years old. He ate, slept, even tried to educate, his mother didn’t like it: he smoothed it up, tucked it up, cooked it.But he ran away after two years, and then the mother could not understand for a long time, what did she do wrong, where she did not serve so?

What do those women who are afraid of loneliness? What to do to those “horses” and “fillys”, whom life itself forced them to switch roles with the “weak” male?

There are actually exits, and you don’t have to grab a straw and pick anyone up for it, just to be. No need to appear weak and feminine, you need to be her and give men the opportunity to express themselves. Let it be shy and not the way you want, and, perhaps, you would have done it steeper and faster a hundred times, but large begins with small.

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