Why do we need amino acids?

Anyone who is engaged in this or that sport, probably knows a lot about sports nutrition, because it is a complete diet, rich in essential vitamins and elements, becomes a key step to finding the desired shape.

An important place among the many food additives take amino acids - substances that form the basis of protein molecules. Proper reception of these substances can be an important tool in the struggle for health and an excellent figure.

Why does the body need aminocarboxylic acids?

Proteins are the main building material for human muscles. The increased use of amino acids has a positive effect on the health of people who are actively involved in sports. In addition to this function, aminocarboxylic acids perform the following roles:

  • take part in the development of digestive enzymes, hormones and antibodies;
  • improve the growth of other tissues of the human body;
  • help restore the immune system and strengthen the immune system.

These functions explain why such substances are necessary for athletes, because even light physical exertion leads to their consumption, and constant intensive training forces the body to spend up to 80% of the AMC, which they produce.

The deficiency of aminocarboxylic acids greatly reduces the effectiveness of training, and, moreover, is harmful because it leads to the destruction of muscle tissue.

The effectiveness of the intake of amino acids is scientifically confirmed - these are the few supplements that really help the body build muscle mass and, in correct doses, generally have a positive effect on the body.

Properly selected drugs help to maintain muscle tissue in the process of losing weight and help accelerate the growth of muscles throughout the body. Therefore, it is important to know about AMK and how to take them correctly.

Benefit and harm

Amino acids have a number of beneficial properties:

  • they are low-calorie, and therefore have a beneficial effect on the formation of a beautiful body contour;
  • using BCAA as a food supplement helps you lose weight fairly quickly;
  • BUN is perfectly combined with a protein diet aimed at reducing body weight;
  • amino acid complex prevents the destruction of muscle mass;
  • BCAA supplements promote faster metabolism.

Despite the obvious advantages, these substances have several disadvantages:

  • quite high cost of drugs, especially with the content of BCAA;
  • the need to strictly comply with the dosage;
  • AMK deficiency is bad for health and can lead to various diseases;
  • lack of replaceable aminocarboxylic acids with significant savings in protein.

To effect the reception of the amino acid complex was pronounced, you need to choose only high-quality drugs. It is easy to do this - you just need to check the quality of products by simple manipulations:

  • It is known that all powdered amino acids, with the exception of BCAA additives, are not completely soluble in water;
  • in addition, the taste of quality products slightly bitter;
  • you must also make sure that the internal contents of the package are fully consistent with those written on the label, and that there is a batch and serial number on it;
  • before buying it is always necessary to check the expiration date of the goods, because otherwise there will be no benefit from the product.

Numerous studies have not revealed clear contraindications for the intake of amino acids, and the possible damage they can cause to the body has not been established.

Side effects are possible only in the case of repeated exceeding the recommended doses, but even in such situations they are insignificant. However, sometimes a regular excess of the required dosage can negatively affect the function of the liver and kidneys.

Varieties of drugs and features of their reception

Amino acids are irreplaceable substances for the proper functioning of the human body. Today, there are 20 known varieties of them, but only 9 cannot be produced by the organism itself. These substances make up about 35% of muscle tissue, so their required amount should be consumed with food or with a special complex called BCAA.

Sufficient intake of amino acid complex in the products implies adherence to the high-protein diet. With food, it can be obtained from a combination of vegetable and animal proteins: meat or fish, bread, milk, cereals, potatoes, eggs, etc. This approach is possible, but requires the right combination of proteins between them.

The BCAA complex is a combination of essential amino acids not produced by the body. It has a powdery consistency and requires the observance of an accurate dosage: 2 or 3 administration of the drug per day for 5-8 g. However, these parameters can vary depending on the intensity of the sports load.

Replaceable AMK are available in solutions, capsules, as well as tablets and powders that are absolutely equivalent in degree of effectiveness. For best results, you need to take them 3 times a day for 6-10 g. Replaceable acids are taken in conjunction with BCAA, while the duration of their use is unlimited.

How to take BUN?

The decision on the introduction of an amino acid complex in the diet should be directly related to the purpose of this technique:

  • if you plan to lose weight, then the time between use of the drug should be reduced as much as possible. It should be consumed in the morning after sleep, as well as immediately before and after a workout aimed at fat loss;
  • If you plan to build muscle mass, you need to use the AMK no more than 2 times a day: before training and immediately after it.

In order to better absorb sports nutrition, you should take daily vitamin B6 in a dosage of 50 mg: this method will greatly increase the effectiveness of the drugs taken.

It should be noted that the intake of aminocarboxylic acids should be distinguished from the use of protein cocktails, various energy bars or geyners, since these products significantly slow down the absorption of AMK. It is best to take a break between these products for at least an hour.

During the period of the use of acids it is necessary to watch how the organism reacts. If there is lethargy during exercise, dizziness or drowsiness, you should adjust the dosage of the drug, and to clarify the dosage it is best to contact an experienced nutritionist.

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