Why do you need a dash?

Dash is a punctuation mark used in different languages. In many cases, a dash is put in place of the missing words, most often before the word “it” to underline certain words and to make a semantic stress on them and draw the attention of the reader.

Why do you need a dash? Consider various conditions and examples of dash usage.

Why do I need a dash in the sentence

Let's start the argument about why you need a dash, with how you can use a dash for convenience and to save words.

A dash is placed in a sentence between the subject and the predicate, if there is no link: "Listen and hear are different things." Here the dash can be understood as the missing word "this."

Two common, which in combination serve as a definition or name, are combined with the help of a dash: "Different types of professional activity are distinguished: man - man, man - technique, man - nature, man - sign and man - artistic image." This is a simple and convenient way to connect two words without disturbing their structure.

The period or distance “from - to” is also denoted with a dash: “Period May - October”, “Flight Moscow - Novosibirsk”.Due to this, an understanding is reached that this is not about two specific points of reference, but about a segment, a dash in this case denotes all missing spaces that need not be listed.

A dash is put in place of the missing members of the sentence and their parts: "A lot of sweet is bad." In this sentence, a dash can be a replacement for the word "is", there is no special need for it, and even without it, the meaning of the sentence is still clear.

A dash is placed if the sentence contains a theme used in the nominative case and connected with the main sentence: “France is gorgeous - there is no more beautiful country in the world”. And also in interrogative sentences: “Family happiness - myth or reality?”. A dash in this case is a compact way to move from a topic to a sentence related to it.

A dash is put between homogeneous members of a sentence instead of a missed union: “Relations between two people are not rest - hard work”. Dash in this case can replace the unions "a", "but", "yes", "however" and "but". These alliances can sometimes sound too simple, replacing them with a dash gives the phrase a hint of mystery and intellectuality.

Other uses

Why does the letter need a dash? If some writer had been asked to write an essay, why did he need a dash, he would have been talking for a long time about his meaning and ambiguity and how it helps to enhance the brightness of the images he describes. Let's see how you can still use the dash.

The dash is used to indicate contrast and a sharp transition between homogeneous members of the sentence: "I always lived happily - in a moment I lost everything."

A dash is placed before a generalizing word: “A couple of tickets from the cinema, a note, a tape — everything that is left for me in her memory.” Such a move helps to strengthen the stress on the generalizing word, in this example the word “everything” acquires the tint “only that”.

The dash is used to underline the words at the end of a sentence, most often of the conditions: “I had to run to the house very quickly - it’s too cold today”.

To enhance the opposition between the two sentences, a dash is put in both. “Dogs are devotees. Cats - freedom loving.

A dash is put and after listing the homogeneous members of the sentence, connected by a generalizing word, if the sentence does not end there: “Everything: a canary, a cat, a dog,the mice looked at each other suspiciously. "

Also, a dash is used to indicate an intonation pause: "He waited a long time outside the door - then he entered."

In addition to quotation marks, a dash is used to indicate direct speech: “Is it still long to wait for you?” He asked impatiently, “we are already late.” As soon as it’s needed, she answered and smiled.

Now you know everything about why you need a dash sign, use this knowledge, and your speech will become more correct and expressive.

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