Why does a child eat badly?

All know very well that the key to good health, strong immunity and the normal development of the child is good nutrition. However, it is not uncommon when a baby refuses to eat, is capricious, in every possible way expresses his unwillingness to eat food. Parents and grandparents are puzzled why a child eats badly?

Causes of loss of appetite

The main reason for the deterioration of appetite in a child is a violation of the diet. Very often, in the intervals between feedings, the child is given sweets or fruits. This is quite enough for the child to refuse to eat. Sweets, cakes and fruits should be given for dessert after the main feeding.

Another mistake is that when a child wants to drink, they are offered milk, fruit juice, or sweet fruit juice instead of water. The composition of many drinks include sugar, which reduces appetite.

A child may refuse to eat even if the mother feeds him with milk, milk porridges for a long time, or the diet of the child is not very diverse.Such monotonous food bothers the child, and he does not want to eat any food at all.

Often, some children show a selective appetite, when they are happy to use some foods or dishes, and categorically refuse others. In such cases, mothers need to show ingenuity and ingenuity in order to be able to teach a child to eat an unloved, but healthy dish. Categorically, one should not force-feed a child, but those parents who feed the child with a spoon or allow him to play with toys during meals can make a serious mistake. Often parents, especially grandparents, make a mistake when they give a child a large amount of food, guided by the desire to feed him better, sometimes even by force. This often causes resistance and hostility in children to the process of eating.

Strong experiences can lead to a decrease in appetite in a child. Pain, grief or resentment can cause a deterioration in appetite. Pleasant emotions can also cause overwork and loss of appetite in a child, if they are excessively abused.

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Especially great difficulties with feeding occur during breastfeeding. Many young mommies often wonder why an infant eats poorly. Pediatricians praise the free feeding regime, when the baby is fed without a specific schedule, but still it is better to accustom him to a specific feeding regimen, for example, after three hours. Do not go into a panic if an infant suddenly violates the regime and refuse to eat. Perhaps he just grows and moves to another, with longer breaks, feeding mode. Often, problems with appetite in infants occur at a time when teeth begin to erupt. Inflamed gums bother the child, he doesn’t get to eat, but this is a temporary situation and she usually returns to normal after a few days.

Abdominal pain, usually appearing while feeding, often becomes a reason for not eating. The baby is crying, pressing its legs, rumbling comes from its tummy. All this suggests that the baby has colic.

Artificial feeding

When switching to artificial feeding, the question often arises as to why the child eats a bad mixture? There may be several options:

  • Not suitable mixture - the most common problem.It can be determined by the behavior of the baby, he becomes moody, does not sleep well, gains weight poorly. Possible manifestation of allergic reactions. A qualified pediatrician can help you find the “right” mix.
  • Wrong food volume. Do not overfeed the child, the volume of the mixture consumed by him should not exceed, and ideally, should be the same as with breastfeeding. The appetite of the crumbs can improve significantly, you just need to reduce the amount of food.

It is necessary to prepare mix in exact accordance with the instruction. Excess powder in the mixture makes it more nutritious and concentrated, the baby's digestive organs cannot digest such food. The baby will have bloating, intestinal colic, indigestion and even vomiting. These are the main answers to the question why the child has become bad to eat.

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