Why does a little baby cry all the time?

Children are the flowers of life, but when these little fidgets start crying loudly and wailing to the whole house, it becomes not a matter of admiring and jokes. Most mommies get very scared, they start to look for the cause of crying in panic, but she is only one and quite understandable.

Through such an expression of emotions, the baby simply communicates with adults and the entire world, because he still does not know how to talk, what remains for him? Of course, to give at least such signals, which, in his opinion, always accurately hit the target.

Why does a little baby cry?

Unfortunately, there is no universal advice that would help to instantly recognize what the baby wants now, as well as how to properly behave in such a situation.

However, the opinions that say that the baby develops the lungs in this way or tempers the character are wrong. Indeed, in such cases they are also advised not to pay attention or even shout at him, they say, he will calm down.

Such upbringing and behavior are absolutely wrong and wrong,which can not only lead to the desired results, but also harm the already delicate psyche of the child, because he will begin to think that the world around him is not safe, unfriendly and he is all alone there.

In addition, long and strong cries can still, and lead to the formation of an umbilical hernia.

It turns out that it is not so easy to find out why a child is crying heavily, because there are actually a lot of reasons, all of which the baby calls a wild cry. How to help him? What to do?

After all, it’s not only that half of the house and its unfortunate parents are not sleeping, but most importantly, it hurts itself without knowing it at all.

There is an opinion that children scream more and more often in those mothers who instantly try to respond to its signal, and those who wait at least 10 seconds, children cry the same, but quickly calm down.

Little baby cries.

There is no medical evidence of this fact, and only the mother herself can decide how to behave. So, let's try to understand the most common reasons, as well as what to do in such cases.

It is quite possible that not everything will turn out right away, but over time,any mother will easily distinguish all intonation and the verge of crying her baby, easily understanding what needs to be done in this situation.

Causes of Baby Crying

  • The most common and widespread phenomenon that makes babies cry is a feeling of hunger or an irresistible desire to take my mother's breast. Such crying you quite quickly and successfully learn to recognize, because it has a persistent and even demanding character, it can be intermittent. And you will not believe it, but during these intervals between the next vocal calls, the kid is watching your behavior, have you heard it, are you going to do what he is so urgently asking you to do. And, of course, if he does not observe this, draws conclusions and begins to cry again. Usually, in search of food, the child begins to cry no earlier than 2 hours after the last feeding, however exceptions to the rules are quite possible. What to do? Naturally, to satisfy the hunger of the child, regardless of the fact that it is not according to the regime.
  • “I want to sleep!” Most often, such crying is rather intermittent, accompanied by sobs and offended notes of shouting.Such moments are also easy to recognize, they often begin to manifest themselves after a long wakefulness, nervous overexcitement (for example, after long communication with strangers or being in an annoying environment). Small children are very rarely able to fall asleep on their own, so they require a special ritual that usually happens in your home: swaying on your hands, singing a lullaby or reading fairy tales. At this time, the child can be stroked gently over the head, voice intonation should be pleasant and calm.
  • Sometimes an infant cries because of discomfort in a diaper or on a bed sheet on which it lies. Some children absolutely do not react to the fact that they have become wet or have a diaper under their belts, but the overwhelming majority have a rather negative attitude towards this fact. Wet diapers begin to irritate the delicate skin, the baby begins to whimper and twist, there may even be a hiccup. Having changed the baby into everything dry and clean, and then, having covered him warmerly, the loving mother will notice how her baby quickly calms down and returns to a benign state of mind.
  • A child may also cry if he is cold or, on the contrary, very hot. It is also quite simple to determine: the crying is intermittent, somewhat mournful. If the baby is cold, then he can start hiccup, quickly move the handles and legs. If you feel the child, you may notice that he has cold hands and feet, but do not rush to muffle the child, it is quite possible that the body has not yet had time to freeze. Therefore, in order not to overheat it, just put on mittens and socks, bring it into a warm room, if you are on the street. In case of overheating, the temperature may rise, the face turns red, and the baby begins to scatter the handles in different directions. In this case, the child must be stripped and wiped with a wet towel.
  • If a child cries in his sleep, then most likely he is worried about intestinal cramps, they cause abdominal pain, the baby is not up to sleep. In this case, you can do light massages of the tummy, put a heating pad on the tummy or a diaper folded in four. It can also help tea with fennel or special drops, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Also, with intestinal colic, dill water helps, you can try to abuse the child in the arms in an upright position.Most often, first children suffer colic, boys are more prone to this scourge than girls.
  • "I want to handle!". When the baby cries bitter tears, it is difficult to restrain, the mother takes him on her hands, presses him to her and, oh, a miracle, the baby calms down. Forget about the rules of education, take the baby in his arms as much as he needs, he must always feel safe and needed. In the first six months of a child’s life, it’s impossible to indulge with excessive attention, but children confident in maternal protection grow up much more calm and balanced. And do not forget, the longer the baby fought in hysterics, the harder it will be to soothe.
  • It also happens that the baby starts crying while breastfeeding or nipple. It is possible that the child began to cut teeth, so the feeding process gives him some discomfort.

How do parents respond to the crying of a child?

Children should smile.

You need to react as quickly as possible by taking it in your arms and pressing it to yourself. If it does not help, then try to attach to the chest, if the baby has recently eaten, then you can try to divert his attention with a bright toy, rattle or any other object.Do not forget that it is in his mother's arms that he will calm down the fastest.

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