Why does a person have bitterness in the mouth after eating?

Probably, everyone, more than once, faced such an unpleasant problem as bitterness in the mouth from sleep or after eating. Most specialists will say 90% that this is evidence of liver problems. However, it is worthwhile to know that such a disease is associated with such diseases as gastritis, duodenal lesions, dental and gum disease.

In any case, the first step is to contact a qualified specialist - a gastroenterologist, toxicologist or dentist. He will give you the necessary tests (most likely gastroscopic examination of the stomach) and prescribe the necessary treatment.


In people with such diseases, bile stagnates in the bile ducts and, when the gallbladder is full, it is thrown sharply into the esophagus, where it easily enters the mouth and creates unpleasant mouthfeel. From here we can conclude about the failure of the gallbladder, where there could well be stones.Their presence is also accompanied by pain in the right side, intolerance of fried, fatty, baked. The same symptoms may be signs of stones in the liver.

In general, bitterness in the mouth indicates slagging of the body. This indicates that your liver could not cope with harmful substances that entered the body, and this was the reason for the lack of timely bowel cleansing.

The bitterness in the mouth after a meal can speak about various diseases of the stomach (violation of its motility or chronic gastritis) or pancreas. If it is accompanied by an unpleasant smell from the mouth, then this is a sure sign of the need to go to the dentist, as this indicates gum disease, inflammation of the tongue, poor quality of the filling material, as well as the material from which the dentures are made.

However, the causes of bitterness in the mouth do not always promise the above diseases. Sometimes this is due to improper nutrition, smoking and alcohol consumption. A side effect of drugs, such as antibiotics, antihistamines, also causes bitterness in the mouth after eating.Even such folk remedies as sea buckthorn oil or pine nuts, can cause a bitter aftertaste for several days.

In the later stages of pregnancy, bitterness in the mouth may also occur. The cause of this phenomenon is a complete restructuring of the hormonal background; subsequently, biliary dyskinesia may develop. As a rule, on the expiration of pregnancy, the bitterness in the mouth disappears.


Often, due to malnutrition, the body’s acid-base balance is disturbed, that is, the level of acidity increases. This disease is called acidosis. The symptoms of this disease are easily visible - a person is characterized by increased fatigue, the skin of the face acquires a grayish color, a tongue appears on the tongue. It is possible to fight acidosis; you just need to organize your menu correctly:

  • Eat small meals, 4-5 times a day.
  • Reduce reception too fat, fried, flour and pasta.
  • Fans of strong tea, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol will have to reconsider their values.
  • The main dishes should be - green buckwheat, vegetables and fruits.
  • The last meal should be no later than three hours before bedtime, since at night all vital processes, including those in the stomach, stop.
  • Excess will not be infusion of flaxseed. It should be taken in the morning and in the evening 200 g., Which will protect the mucous membrane of your stomach.
  • Drink plenty of water, 1.5-2 liters per day.
  • Broths from medicinal herbs help - decoction of wild rose, calendula, chamomile.

If you are sure that you eat right, you do not have any diseases, you lead a healthy lifestyle, and the bitterness in your mouth still does not pass, then you should think about your emotional state. Maybe you have a hard work that puts you in a constant stressful state? Or maybe other life difficulties make you nervous? In this case, you will help such unpretentious assistants as valerian infusion, and maybe even antidepressants.

If you follow all the rules of a healthy diet, you can forget for a long time what bitterness in your mouth is.

How to help yourself?

And yet, what to do if bitterness arose in the mouth, and you need to adjust yourself to the working mode and nothing should distract.

You can try to eat a couple of lemon slices without sugar, or eat a few things kiwi. It helps get rid of bitterness and, at the same time, enriches your body with vitamin C.

Also, experts advise to chew cinnamon sticks, they interrupt the unpleasant taste for a long time and create fresh breath in the mouth.

Some people go on special diets to clean their bodies of unwanted leftover food. There are various types of such diets - beet, on light products with the use of olive or sunflower oil.

And yet, in order not to guess or self-medicate, only the doctor will be able to answer the question “Why does bitterness in the mouth arise?” Attempts to ignore these signals of the body can be disastrous, and the desire to cure or simply kill the bitterness can result in complications of the diseases that have arisen.

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