Why does hair push and how to cope with it?

Many women are familiar with this problem: after each wash, blow-dry, wet weather, wearing hats in the cold season and in many other situations, the hair is pushed and you look like a dandelion. Of course, you can avoid this type by using a large amount of styling products.

But what if you want to shine at least sometimes with elegantly disheveled hair? And it happens that even gels of superstrong fixation are not capable of taming unruly curls, and always want to look well-groomed and neat.

Sometimes skilled hair masters are able to find the solution to this problem, and they will select the right haircut. But, basically, everything depends on proper care and styling.

Why are they like that?

Before you understand what to do with curly hair, it would be nice to find out why they are:

  1. Physiology. Against her, as you know, you will not go. If you donated thin curled locks, you will have to put up with it. The only plus lies in the fact that even the frizzy curls from nature can have a healthy and beautiful look.
  2. Dryness. This problem is relevant, unfortunately, year-round. In the autumn-winter period, there is an acute shortage of vitamins, and women often wear a hat, which creates a static effect, and in the summer, an uncovered head is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of UV rays, which deplete hairs. Also, the cause may be excessive dryness of the scalp, then the hair grows already curled, badly combed and constantly fly away, because they do not receive the necessary moisture.
  3. Aggressive impact. Chemical waving, frequent dyeing, the constant use of irons and curls lead to a change in the structure of the hair. The scales, thanks to which they are smooth, gradually die off and open, and this entails split ends and an inaccurate appearance.

How to deal with it?

Naturally, strongly furrowed curls give the hostess a lot of inconvenience, and to rein in them, you need to remember that the main condition for a smooth and obedient hair is proper care, in particular, the selection of shampoo and balm. But for this you can use a few more effective methods:

  1. Professional cosmetics.In the rulers of popular brands for hair care, you will always find the right tool. It can be indelible or applied for a while after washing the head as a mask. Leave-in are available in the form of gels or various serums and fluids that need to be distributed over the entire length of wet hair.
  2. Salon procedures. This is a more expensive way to tame curly strands, but the services offered do have an excellent effect. Its duration depends on the procedure chosen and the means used. So, the restructuring will be enough for you for about 1-2 weeks, but keratin straightening will make your hair smooth for 1-2 months. Lamination, thanks to the covering of the curls with a special composition, “seals” the hair scales, and the hair quickly becomes smooth and shiny.
  3. On their own. If you prefer to solve the problem with the help of natural products, then it is worth looking into the treasury of folk remedies. Among them there is an excellent mask that helps to remove excessive hair fluffiness. For her, you will need to mix 2 yolks of quail eggs with 10 drops of glycerin and an ampoule of vitamin C.After that, dissolve the mixture with any decoction of herbs and apply to clean damp hair. Keep this mask for 30 minutes and then wash it off.

Another way to deal with curly strands can be made from mayonnaise. Of course, it will have to be washed several times, but the result is worth it. Combine a bit of mayonnaise with yolk, add a few drops of flax oil and apply on hair. Put a shower cap on top, wrap your hair in a towel, and let the mask stay on your hair for 2 hours, then rinse with cool running water.

Get rid of the "dandelion effect" will also help a mixture of onions and honey. For her, take a large onion and squeeze the juice out of it. Add to it 1 tbsp. honey and the same vinegar, then dilute 50 grams. kefir. Beat well with a mixer and use once a week for 2 months.

Prevention is important!

Fluffiness threatens not only natural hair that curls in nature, but even owners of perfectly smooth curls, if the body lacks the necessary vitamins and microelements. Therefore, if you notice that the strands have become difficult to fold, enrich your diet with such products as:

  • red fish;
  • nuts;
  • fermented milk products (kefir, cottage cheese, natural yogurt);
  • avocado;
  • pumpkin seed;
  • olive oil;
  • legumes and bran, which are rich in magnesium, responsible for the smoothness of the hair.

Also, do not forget to follow a few simple rules.

  • Drink a sufficient amount of liquid, it will not allow your hair to dry up, become brittle and too light.
  • Use hair dryer and other styling products less frequently. And before applying them, apply a special thermal spray on your hair.
  • For combing, use a wooden comb, it will not allow your hair to become electrified.
  • Choose shampoo, masks, balsams and other products based on the type of scalp. Give up products to give volume, they deprive the hair moisture.

It is not difficult to cope with the frizzy hair, the main thing is to love your hair and pay enough attention to care for them.

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