Why does the knee hurt while walking

Knee pain while walking: causes

Conventionally, the causes of knee pain while walking are divided into two groups:
- sharp;
- chronic.
Acute pain occurs as a result of a direct blow to the knee, bending of the knee or falling on it. Within a few minutes after the injury, severe bruising or swelling appears, and there is a sharp pain in the knee. In addition, chills, numbness, tingling in the knee or lower leg may occur.
Possible causes of acute knee pain:
- sprains and sprains (tendons) in the area of ​​the patella;
- ruptures of meniscuses;
- breaks of ligaments;
- fractures of the patella, lower thigh, upper tibial (peroneal) bone;
- mixing / dislocation of the patella (this type of damage is especially common in girls 13-18 years old);
- mixing / dislocation of the knee joint.Mixing / dislocation of the knee joint is an extremely rare injury and requires immediate medical attention.
Chronic injuries can be triggered by overloads or some diseases. Overload damage results from repeated repetition of movements with pressure on the knee. For example, it can be permanent climbing stairs, cycling, running, jumping and even overweight.
Overload damage includes:
- inflammation of small bags with fluid, which are knee absorbers (bursitis);
- tendon inflammation (tendinitis);
- small tendon ruptures (tendinosis).Inflammation of the knee tendons is most common in women over 40 years of age.
In addition, knee pain during walking can:
- skin diseases (cellulitis), bones (osteomyelitis), joints (arthritis);
- arthrosis of the knee joint (gonarthrosis), which people most often suffer from after 40 years;
- inflammation of the knee tendons (periarthritis bags "goose foot").

Knee pain while walking: treatment options

If you hurt your knee and the pain is tolerable, you can use several effective remedies for its elimination:
- a special bandage knee;
- anti-inflammatory drugs;
- temporary suspension of training and heavy loads.
If within a week the pain in the knee does not pass, you should immediately contact a traumatologist or a rheumatologist. It is important to remember that self-medication can lead to serious consequences.

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