Why doesn't he fall? Pregnant shocked the network size of the abdomen

The second question that arises when looking at these photos: “How many are there?”

The picture shows a Spanish blogger named Laura. She gladly shares with the subscribers her large families. More precisely, it has become a large family recently. And the attention caught when she got pregnant the second time.

Photo taken at the 37th week, without minimizing excite Instagram. Laura's belly is just gigantic. The skin is so stretched that glitters like glossy. In general, it is strange that the stomach does not outweigh, and his mistress is able to walk and not fall. I can not believe that there are only two kids - Liv and Liam, brother and sister.

Photo: @mamaingeniera
Photo: @mamaingeniera
Photo: @mamaingeniera

Laura admitted that she gained more than twenty kilos for pregnancy.

“It destroys my joints. Knees, hips, back - everything is very sore. I became very slow. What I could have done in 3-4 minutes, I now do everything 20, ”she complains.

Twins were born four days after this photo was taken. The deliveries were natural, although usually in the case of twins, a planned caesarean is immediately prescribed.

“There was a moment when I was really scared that it would all end in a cesarean. Moreover, one of the kids was walking with their feet. But it all ended well. Childbirth was just a miracle, ”said Laura.

Photo: @mamaingeniera

Now, mother of many children is breastfeeding with two hands, wears two babies in a sling at once, sleeps in an embrace with both of them. However, she still manages not to deprive the attention of the eldest son, Enrique. By the way, according to our classification of moms, it can be attributed to the type of "ekomama."

And what about the stomach? With the stomach is not very good. Severe diastasis, hernia - Laura still looks pregnant. This is the fifth month.

Photo: @mamaingeniera
Photo: @mamaingeniera

“Now they advised me to do Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, to rock the abs. I'll do it all when I can. But it is unlikely the stomach will return to normal. Apparently, it is necessary to have an operation, ”says Laura with a sigh.

But, what is remarkable, not a single stretch is visible on the body of a young mother! At least this trouble has bypassed it.And with a diastasis and a hernia, surgeons will help.

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