Why am I being me?

Why am I not a brilliant physicist? Why am I not a talented athlete? Why am I not a charismatic beauty? Why am I being me? Each of us at least once in my life was tormented by such questions. We look at others and envy their talents, without noticing our own, - a well-known thing, because the grass on the neighboring lawn always seems greener. However, the objective truth is that every person can become amazing and inspiring. And, quite likely, you are already such - perhaps someone is looking at you and thinking: "Why can't I be like him?".

However, the main thing in life is not to become the object of envy of others, not to achieve their love, but to love yourself. And there is only one effective way to achieve love from oneself - to understand, to realize oneself and accept as you are.

External and internal factors of consciousness

The formation of human consciousness (and as a result - his personality) is influenced by many factors, but all of them can be divided into external and internal.

The external factors of consciousness are all that surrounds the individual - the behavior of parents, teachers, relationships with friends, etc.Of particular importance are the external factors in childhood and adolescence.

The internal factors of consciousness are the personal attitudes of a person. Internal factors are largely determined by external factors — the environment and events that happen to a teenager, shape his character, unique inner world, and attitude to certain events.

For example, if a child is constantly faced with cruelty in childhood, most likely, in adulthood, he too will perceive cruelty as an acceptable way of education.

I am not like you

In the same way, a child, in whose house guests were rarely visited, is unlikely to become hospitable and sociable. This is logical, but, nevertheless, if our friends are more sociable than we are, we tend to blame ourselves for not meeting their level. We have a feeling of inferiority and complexes, on which we spend a lot of mental strength.

And what if these spiritual forces are spent on re-education themselves? It is necessary to agree with the fact - the problem is not in you, the problem is how your personality was raised. You are not sociable, not because you are some kind of "wrong" person, but because you have been brought up like this.But - good news - this can be changed! And we are talking not only about the development of communicability, but also other qualities that make you jealous when you see them in others.

Should I change?

Realizing that changes are possible, you need to make a small stop and think - do you need changes? Do you want to break your personality? Or was it just important for you to realize that you are not to blame for the fact that you are not like everyone else? If you answered the last answer in the affirmative, well, well, you managed to easily deal with the problem. But if you want to cultivate your personality in a new way, a lot of work is waiting for you. However, today there are a lot of means for self-development, starting with books on psychology and ending with trainings with professional psychologists.

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