Why in the diet should be ginger

The history of ginger dates back many centuries, it was used both in China and in the West, and even in Russia, where the ginger root was a part of kvass, mead, jam, and various pastries.

Ginger has a pain relieving, absorbing, healing and anti-inflammatory effect. It is used as a tonic and antibacterial effect. Ancient Chinese healers used it in various situations - from eliminating nausea to healing wounds.

Schoolchildren and students can recommend ginger during exam preparation, because it improves memory and increases efficiency. This is a great natural energy. Ginger root is an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Regular consumption of ginger helps reduce cholesterol levels. It clears the arteries, which helps protect the body from strokes and heart attacks. Women who are faced with the problem of infertility must pay attention to ginger.And during pregnancy, it will help relieve the symptoms of toxemia, get rid of weakness and dizziness.

Fresh ginger can also be used to preserve beauty, as it can tone up the skin, smooth fine wrinkles and remove swelling.

You can eat ginger in any form. It can be used for beverages and tinctures, for baking and preparing various dishes. Marinated ginger is a must-have for many Japanese dishes, and can be served as a snack.

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