Why ionization in the hair dryer

What manufacturers promise

By ionization is meant the process of the formation of ions from neutral molecules and atoms when they acquire an electric charge.
The work of the hair dryer with ionization is based on the formation of negatively charged ions that neutralize static electricity. This, according to the inventors, heals hair.
The purpose of ionization is to provide more gentle hair drying. Negatively charged ions can reduce the harm from hot air, protect the hair from drying out and excessive evaporation of moisture from them. Ions contribute to the conversion of moisture into the smallest droplets and its more rapid absorption, maintaining the natural level of moisture of the hair. Drying the hair when this happens faster.
Ionization also provides a kind of conditioning to the hair, removing the charge of static electricity and neutralizing the positively charged particles, due to which the hair is ruffled, fluffy, electrified and matted.This is especially true in the winter season, when the hair suffers from excessive dryness, the cause of which is heating and wearing hats. Hair is easier to style, it keeps its shape better, it becomes softer and more docile.
The use of a hair dryer with an ionizer allows you to wash your hair less often, as the hair attracts less dust and gets dirty more slowly. At the same time they become more shiny and smooth. This is due to the fact that the ions, as it were, smooth the cuticle scales, the outer layer of the hair smoothes out and begins to reflect light better.

Customer opinion

Reviews of hair dryers with ionization can be found very different. Someone says that he does not notice much difference with ordinary hair dryers. And someone believes that the difference is obvious. Some notice the effect not immediately, but after a while.
There are women who note a decrease in oily hair. The reason for the excessive secretion of sebum is the overdrying of hair and scalp as a regular hot dryer. If you use a hair dryer with a delicate effect, this problem is solved.
In order not to lose, experts recommend giving preference to the professional model.
If you decide to purchase a hair dryer with ionization, it is better to pay attention to manufacturers and brands of home appliances, well-established.

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