Why do men promise, but do not?

He promises expensive gifts, but does not give

Girls, as you know, love with their ears, so for these ears, men have long adapted to hang well-cooked noodles. The reason is simple: he does not want anything serious, so he prefers to splurge you. The goal - to save on the courtship, and not to spend money. After a week he will find another passion and will start hanging noodles on her ears already to her.

He promises to divorce his wife, but something constantly interferes with him.

Now his mother is ill, then the children have not grown up yet. The years go by, and things are still there: the man is in no hurry to get divorced. This is not surprising, because he did not plan to divorce at all. Because if he really wanted to, then he would not be disturbed by either the children or the sick mother. If he did not leave his wife in the first year of the relationship, then most likely he will never leave. And he is lying in order to keep you near him as long as possible.

Why do men promise, but do not?

He promises to marry, but no offers

When girls complain that a man is a scoundrel, has promised a ring for a finger, a wedding and a honeymoon for many years, they forget that they themselves have not stopped hinting at him for the whole time.A guy is easier to promise than to refuse directly, because he knows that failure is fraught with scandals or parting. He does not want to listen to reproaches from you, he also does not hurry to part because you are interested in him so far, so he begins to feed promises about the wedding so that you do not jump off the hook ahead of time.

He promises to quit / drink / gamble, but the situation is only getting worse

Probably, he himself would like to quit and start from scratch, but addiction is a disease that cannot be defeated alone. Even professionals are not always able to help the unfortunate. Unfortunately, when it comes to serious dependencies (coffee and sweets do not count), promises to "tie" in most cases just a shaking of the air. And these promises are not directed to you, but to yourself, and they are not fulfilled for only one reason: a person is in a state of strong dependence.

He promises to call / write, but every time he does not keep his promise

He says it on the machine, because something needs to end a telephone conversation or a date, but forgets about these words right away. He may not even remember that he blurted out, and you will sit and hypnotize the phone while waiting for a call or message.As practice shows, if a man disregards referring to promises that he gave to a girl, it means that she is not so dear to him.

Why do men promise, but do not?

He promises to do chores, but never does

You remind him for the tenth time about a broken toilet bowl, a flimsy shelf, or a fallen plinth, ask to take out the garbage, put things in the laundry basket and do not throw socks. He promises to do everything, but the sense of these promises is zero. There are men who are absolutely not adapted to everyday life. It is easier for them to give money to the master than to do everything yourself. But that the girl has stopped getting their household issues, they dismiss the promises, which, of course, do not fulfill. Continue to seek help from such an "assistant" is completely pointless: it will rather irritate him even more. Promise him that if he allocates funds to the master, you will no longer worry him with such requests.

It also happens that a man can not fulfill a promise because of unforeseen circumstances or because of ordinary forgetfulness. For example, he relied on the award, which he was denied at the last moment, or, having lost himself in business, forgot that he had promised to take the girl to a restaurant.In such situations, it is not a sin to remind about a promise, but not driving over and not making claims. If he really forgot or something went wrong, as he planned, then in the near future the situation will be corrected in your favor. But if a man does not hurry to fulfill a promise, but only comes up with more and more justifications, draw conclusions.

Remember: we are characterized by actions, not words. Whatever the man promised you, no matter how colorfully he painted your future, you should not be serious about the promises, if they were not supported by real actions.

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